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A new generation of items was released not long ago, as a feature, and we are close to implement the first functional item using this. Entire MD gameplay will shift heavily towards the use of such things.


At Road of Battles is the first example, its one step from being released and announced but i will tell you here what it does because you should all know this before the madness begins :D


You click the item, it will require water and compost to grow. You provide these from your inventory, if you have them, if you don't then go gather some resources. Take a bucket and collect some water..because no matter how much you have you will still need lots.


The test values are not yet configured, i am thinking...50 or even 1000 or more...


The difference in gameplay:


whatever resources you use to load the combiner item, in this case the bush, they won't be counted as "yours". You put them there at your own risk, whoever sees the ripe fruits in the bush first, he/she will take them even if not helping with the watering. You realise that this involves a certain sort of strategy and planning..and i tell you it will be much easyer to work in teams. This is what brings new this item, combines resource collecting with team work.



It will be a bit frustrating at first because the interface doesn't refresh the bush as it grows//you will need to do that manually by clicking the navigation icon to refresh the scene. MAYBE at a later time i will make the bush refresh, that would be awesome, but currently i consider it difficult to do and i need to focus on the rest of the functionality before going into such time consuming tweaks.


How md will look like with these items:

- lots of plants and bushes to collect vegetable/fruit resources (the GARDEN)

- static constructions that will recuire maintenance to remain in one piece, this means parts of md will fall apart (with a nice graphic ofc) if nobody cares about maintaining them. This requires lots of artworks, i will be providing most myself..but sadly i can't anticipate my work volume. I will probably do one or two places then provide a way for others to do it. Till now this was no option.


Thats enough info


waiting for feedback.


ps. i will not go into detailed discussions about how to change improve anything, but i will read everything and see if what you say can be integrated and fits with my view of how i want md to grow.

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Built-in failure mechanisms...slow down the constructions, buy you some time to make the new art  :))



Destructive resources.  Free lands can become a more real thing.  Give the "poisonous herbs" a use. "weed killer" "fruit bush killer"  "explosives" all seem like good things to incorporate in the cauldron, with the potential to mitigate or nullify its growth/maintenance.  Undoing work, maybe not, but preventing/delaying it?  Isn't that what MD is all about?


ingredients where enough is enough and too much is too much, e.g.


250 sand, 250 water, 250 yellow candy = 1 layer mixed cement


but make space for 300 water, with appropriate implications for the stability of the structure (or just have it not work)


Maintaining balance between ingredients with time.  This can be forced by making the growth occur in "stages" like layers of paint, you botch it you have to do it again, do another layer, or even other worse consequences.  Maybe the balance is humanly maintained, and if you botch it it peels off three layers later.


The current lack of immediate feedback (need to manual refresh) would make this much more exciting.

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On a mildly evil side, can we have things like nettles and brush? Essentially plants that stop other plants from growing and spread around fairly freely (to next scenes over) unless they're removed by gardeners/such role. As in, unless removed you'd not be able to grow anything else there because it'd take the nutrients and such...

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  • Root Admin

i read some very interesting ideas here. Please continue.

(i will not comment each because i don't want to go into details into anything, its enough i get the base idea, then if or when it gets implemented i can figure out myself how it is best to be done.)

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I'd like to be able to build a small one person canoe for regular trips to the Angien Shine for much needed rest and relaxation.

The Shrine would also have a buildable defense so canoes can't go through ! :D

Lets ride the rapids ( 0^0)!


In other words by pass your king's orders and reach the island without his consent.

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Building houses (there is already one in planning) and keep them intact with resources. Destructible gates to lands which needs to maintained by the people of the lands, otherwise everyone can enter the land without AP cost - same would be nice with the capitals ... but with this on the table the timer for the resources needs to reduced and resource quantity raised. Otherwise we will have wars over resources and I think it´s enough war over resources in our RL world.

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