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Fang Archbane

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Fang, nothing is private in MD (with the possible exception of TSB, but even that is not totally private). You know that...


It's a double edged sword? What you said was inappropriate, as was taking words intended for one person and hanging them on a very public laundry line, along a major metropolitan highway?

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Weird, I remember seeing this under 'Rules and restrictions'.


Actions not to do:
  • Spam anything of sorts
  • Be offensive or harass


Like Phantom Orchid said, by posting your insults in such a public place you weren't even making a small attempt at privacy. I think of dst as the ultimate whistleblower/informant as much as I think of Eon as the ultimate fighter. I'm pretty sure that lots of people share my sentiments. dst is the player who is the most likely to come across such posts in a relatively short amount of time. In general, if anyone would come across your horribly insulting posts it'd be her. Why then, would you even think about posting such insults there?


You shouldn't be making such insults anywhere, period. Yes there is 'free speech', however owners of a place like a church, hospital, game, have the right to evict someone off of their premises if they start shouting out insults or doing stuff that they don't like.


Edit: Moved to general forum where it belongs.

Edited by Change
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The words i spoke are my own personal opinion of DST, she was never meant to hear them, in fact no one but Mallos was.



Warning! Bad language used. [spoiler]


WARNING! HIGHLY VULGAR language below. Click on your own risk!



[spoiler][27/07/13 00:56] Mallos:What do you think of the recent forum stuff?
[27/07/13 00:58] :Fang Archbane laughs
[27/07/13 00:58] :Fang Archbane failed to cast a spell
[27/07/13 00:59] Fang Archbane:The sheep can say what they will.
[27/07/13 00:59] Fang Archbane:Im done endulging them with answers.
[27/07/13 00:59] Fang Archbane:They are no longer worth my time, if they are not willing to listen.
[27/07/13 00:59] : Mallos throws the dice and gets 2
[27/07/13 00:59] Mallos:It amused me the way they accused you.
[27/07/13 01:00] Mallos:Saying you've done something wrong but never saying what, as if they didn't know themselves.
[27/07/13 01:00] Fang Archbane:The only one that can actually accuse me and have facts is DST
[27/07/13 01:00] Fang Archbane:But shed have light insults at bestg
[27/07/13 01:00] Mallos:proofs
[27/07/13 01:01] Fang Archbane:She can say im breaking the rules all she wants
[27/07/13 01:01] Fang Archbane:Best part is, Mur dictates what the rules are and how theyre enforced, not DST, not No One, not the Council, not my cousins third mother twice removed
[27/07/13 01:01] Fang Archbane:So she can suck me off
[27/07/13 01:01] Fang Archbane:And she can read that text too, since she just LOVES reading the shit i type after its long gone
[27/07/13 01:01] Fang Archbane:And let me repeat it one more time for good measure
[27/07/13 01:02] Fang Archbane:DST, aka the Dick Sucking Tramp can BLOW ME [/spoiler]


Thank you fang for your nice words. I do hope the rules I DIDN'T make but Mur made will be applied and you'll get what you deserve for your nice behavior and awesome knowledge of English slang.


With the bold part, it seems she was meant to read this. But oh well I wont prolong anything.

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You missed the point fang. It's not the insults that bothered me so much ( I have been called worse) although I must admit you're highly creative when it comes to them but the fact that you think you're above the system since Mur pampers and protects you. You have absolutely no respect for the rules and regulations.While everybody else tries at least to hide if they do break the rules, you do it in plain sight because you "are better than us".


What you people don't know is what he said after I made this post (unfortunately I do not have an exact quote or print screen) is something a long the lines of : He he it works every time (or never fails). Something like that.


Congratz fang! You managed to mock the entire community and insult it with your attitude and behavior.

Edited by dst
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