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Creature Page only shows Creature ID's


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Yes, I see them normally on Firefox (version 24 beta 9 on Win7 SP1 32-bit).

ETA: After restarting my PC, I now encounter this problem too when using Firefox. I also tried Opera 12.16, Safari 5.1.7 and Chrome 29.0, but I had the same problem in all of them.

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cause: flash version updates, incompatible to the ancient version these files were exported for

solution: should be fixed now but might take a bit till your browser figures it out. Open http://magicduel.com/ifrm/ifrm.creatures.php

 and press Ctrl+F5 , it might speed up things.


issues: creature vitality numbers display weird values

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The link contains the correct values. If nothing was changed, it just the swf file that needs to be recompiled .. i guess.






old working link :


new not working link :


Just move the "crrnd=.." at the end. It should work.

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What I said was just an assumption.True, the tone is wrong and for that I apologize.


But instead of questioning me you could have tried it and told us if it works or not.


We can continue aberrating on the given theme but I don't enjoy it so I will say only this:

 - when given an alternate solution, listen to it and / or try it , as stupid as it may seem or just ignore it

 - I've seen worst mistakes by better qualified ppl

 - it took me 3 minutes to come up with that idea (since I've noticed the bug) and you took 18 days not to fix it & another 3-5 minutes to contradict me


I am not wasting my time or your time arguing on this or other things with you.


When I say something I stay to the point and try to be precise for saving your time. The feedback that I was (/am always) waiting on my comment was "it doesn't work" or "it works".


In other words, I will continue to ignore this topic as I did for the past 18 days. Please continue doing what you want.



By the way I am very biased on this matter as my list works perfectly. Sorry.

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Also, perhaps if you phrased it nicely i would have spent some time to look into it instead of waiting for Murry, Since you were so vocal, then im not at all inclined to do so. Oh well.


I think it's time you put aside your resentment because it is not benefiting the game. It is a possible solution to a quite bothering bug. Vocal or not he might be right. Plus, he did apologise for being "vocal".

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