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Team Green's Puzzle - Decipher the Drawings

Prince Marvolo

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Team Green's Puzzle!
 Decipher the Drawings 
In theme of the Celebrations
On my travels, I found a little box with a couple of strange drawings.
There are 10 of them to be exact.
Now, I have no idea what they could mean, and I'm asking you all for help.
How this will work:
I will give every person doing this quest 1 drawing out of the 10, the goal is to decipher all 10 drawings.
Because you will only get 1, you will have to trade your drawings with other people.
This can happen by any means you seem fit. (for free, for silver, exchange or whatever)
The first person to decipher all drawings will win (unexpected eh?) and will get the big prize.
Second and third place will also get something.
If you want to join this quest, leave your name here in this thread.
My quest will start the 20th of September, this will be the day I will hand out the drawings.
the first person leaving a comment will get drawing 1, the second commenter drawing 2, etc
After drawing 10 is given out, we'll start back at drawing one. (I'll make some copies)
This also means everyone knows which drawing you have - so be ready to get bothered.
(you can start commenting now already, but you won't get the drawing until the 20th)
With this solution, I can unlock a little box with spell stones!
The winners can choose stones out of this box.
1st - 3 stones by choice + a WishPoint!
2nd - 2 stones by choice 
3rd - 1 stones by choice
This box includes:
Mirrorritual (2)
Weather Snow (2)
Otherarmy (2)
Weather Frosty (1)
Weaken (2)
Invisibility (4)
Locate (1)
Weather Storm (1)
Freezecreatures (2)
Weather Heavyclouds (2)
Noarmor (1)
Weather Mildrain (1)
Weather Sunny (1)
*I still have wishpoint from my RPC time, but I have no idea if they are still working, and it is not something I can test really.
If anyone knows if they would still work (or not), please let me know.
If they still work, 1st place will get a wishpoint, if they don't work anymore, I cannot give a wishpoint -sorry.
A friendly soul offered me a WP to give in case mine don't work, so first place will definately get a WP!
Drawing 1   - Mya Celestia     - Samon
​Drawing 2   - lashtal               - Mythrandir
​Drawing 3   - Intrigue             - Phantasm
​Drawing 4   - Change            - Menhir
​Drawing 5   - Princ Rhaegar  - Valoryn
​Drawing 6   - Rophs              - Eara Meraia
​Drawing 7   - Krioni               - Dark Demon
​Drawing 8   - Assira              - Lazarus
​Drawing 9   - AmberRune     - Haedrin
​Drawing 10 - Asthor              -
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Sure, why not!

Although, if the popularity is high, you can replace me with new active people. I won't accept fossils more inactive than me! :D


The amount of participants is not limited to 10, if I reach 10 participants, the 11th will get drawing 1 again. So there is absolutely no reason not to join ;) As long as the pages can get spread.

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  • Root Admin

re WP's, so long as the code has been redeemed, and is in your WP giving interface, it will work. If you have the WPRC, but have not redeemed it, then it is unlikely to work.


WPRC's didnt exist in RPC time FYI Grido :)


If it doesnt work send me a forum PM and I will... adjust... it

Edited by Chewett
RPC time, not RP time
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I am in.


what time on 20th are you going to start? I might be off until the evening, would to know how much do I miss.


To be honest, I have no idea - it all depends on when I have free time. You'll just get a PM with the image, so you're not missing out on anything really. You'll see it when you can.

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All drawings are handed out!

This does not mean you cannot join anymore though! Feel free to add your name here still, and I will send you the link to your respective drawing.

You don't even need to have a drawing to join in, contact the ones with drawings, and maybe you'll have your own in no time.


If any if the links stops working for any reason, let me know (even thought they should be on 2 months validity - but then again, I don't know how long this will take)

Good luck to all participants! If you have any questions, you can ask them here so I can answer for everyone (unless the question revolves around a solution of course - we don't want solutions in this thread)


If you think you deciphered them all, send me a forum PM, or find me in-game. 

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