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MD's "Believe it or not"


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Sage's Keep used to have a different use for the book inside it.  :P   (didn't it?)


The East 'never existed' a while ago.  


and yes, to continue the theme,  MarindBell's current king used to be Loreroot too.  :P

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GG was off-limits for regular players and there were rumors going around that it was being used as a testing ground for spells which were a "soon" to be added feature at that time. (check out the maps chew posted in the ancient screenshots topic, you'll see that names of the scenes in GG are missing on one of them)
the labyrinth was also not there yet at that time :) and any fresh player could easly get into MDA to get his papers (or explore the land) without the need to beg for pickles.
there were no resources or tools to gather them.

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