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Is It Possible Changing Principles?


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Heretic Archers used to drain principles, it was possible for a mp3 to have 9 principles this way.


That's how I lost elemental principle, I think that feature was the only way for someone to adjust his selection of principles without admin help (which never happened as far as I know).

When drain principle was canceled as a feature, the limit of x principles per mind power x was enforced again, so if you drained out a new principle with higher points than the old ones, the new one replaced the old one in the new setup after the enforcement.


Symbolically wise, I became happy with this new selection, but token-usability wise, I'm still mad :D

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Pretty sure you can adjust your Principles by going MP6 and back again?

Only works if you have some way to gain extra principle types, you lose them going from 6>5, but there's no current way to pick up extra ones when you move up, so no adjusting possible.

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Depends what does our 'selection' of principles stand for, our affinity in certain principles, finding our main aspects in their symbolism, or something else?

If it is so, then it is prone to change in some form.


In any case, token system is what is messing this up, because they are giving clear advantage to certain combination(s?) of principles. To save MD's nature in this field, I would suggest finding an alternate way to power up tokens rather than having specific principles and their respective value points.

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Since principles are supposed to fit into role play and since it isn't completely clear of there usage yet or newer players being completely oblivious to what they actually are it might be a decent move to allow a limited ability to edit them. The best way I can see of implementing this is one of two ways. The first is to allow one change after exiting story mode in order to make a few minor corrections (I personally only want one correction) on where those points you earned should really go. Obviously this should be retroactively activated for all players that have finished story mode already. The other option would be implementation inside the shop with a high active day requirement because by that logic they may have actually realized there character after a certain time and those principles could now be put to a better more representative principle set. 


Personally I see the second option I suggest as the most representative of what we are trying to achieve with principles at the current moment..

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I personally think Principles should not be changed, as (other than the ancient fossils and the Archer-drain/swap like Rhaegar mentioned) we picked them.  Even if not what we want now, we wanted them then, for some reason.


However, I think totems Tokens, (d'oh!)  should not relate to them then.    Which is a huge overhaul of the totem system, I realize, and may cause Drama. 

But I always felt the Totem-link and the Player-link were never really the same thing anyway., so shouldn't be related at all.

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I'd vote for allowing the principles to be changeable for a reasonable high price.


There are many pros and cons to be considered but a good payment should be considered & required too.


Pro on principle changing (most relevant)

 - are/were chosen at the beginning of the game when nobody knows what they are used for

 - are not balanced (as in usefulness)


Con on principle changing (most relevant)

 - most players would change their principles to use the same principles as to allow their creatures to use at max the tokens

 - some principles would never be used


If I remember well (lol, it's been a long time since I sacrificed a creature), principles are based on the amount of experience of the creature sacrificed.

If so, then growing a principle to its max value would be as easy as buying some high exp creatures. (which would also lower the personal heat/experience)


Anyway, if a change is to be allowed, I propose to be payed in maxed creatures (different creatures for each principle) ... 6-12 maxed creatures.

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It seems like the general idea is that principles should be changeable only if they represent something that changes. If principles decide which tokens activate in rituals and which spells you can cast, people should be able to change them. But if principles don't decide anything, or maybe just some obscure alternation of inner magic, they they should not be changed because that's who you are, as Maebs pointed out, and you should just live with it. 

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I suppose if through weird use of guardianarmy an mp4 could fight and mp5 and get the mp4's personal heat over the mp5 cap and then get 30 adepts and then upon advancing from mp4 to mp5 they would "skip" to mp6 and be able to choose 2 new principles during story mode and then as an mp6 get those two higher than previous four existing ones and then drop back to mp5 and have the one old prinicple get removed and replaced by the new one (or maybe they will have 6 principles because of a bug :D)

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