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I don't think anybody here would base their whole personality on this puny test...


I only posted it here because, unlike some other tests, this one was quite accurate despite being general, despite being so small and despite appearing irrelevant (i.e a color quiz). Just the sort of thing you'd feel surprised at for a few seconds or minutes and then forget about for the rest of your life :P

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mine fits 100% ...its scary

however i do sense the meanings behind each color, i find it very interesing 


I am sure there is a way to do an actual test based on color order but i think also its insanely hard to do it......i really really wonder if whoever did it actualy uses some logic behind or just a well desinged series of phrases that fit to everyone. Mine where 100% accurate as i said, thats above random.



Long ago i was designing a color bot (angien bot, for who remember the experiment), and it was able to sense your mood and react to it...i know its possible ...but its so damn hard, and requires either a huge level of knowledge or a highly developed synesthesia related to colors.




i admit i don't like my bad parts, but they are real :[

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Pretty accurate this time (I've taken this test quite a few times a year ago--but I took it the right way this time I think). I stopped myself from thinking of it as a favourite colour test (to put it simply) and took it as a test of which colours do I find the most relaxing. I don't think I have strict standards, but I guess I do in some things. Not how some would think of strict at all though. I definitely do need reassurances from others, and the stress stuff is very true (it's true for everyone likely, but my results nicely sum up my life). I also do like over-indulging, though I'm quite generous.




Took it again because why not. Still pretty accurate. No comment on the existing situation part. :P



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