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LHO Improvements - What is a LHO and what qualities should they have?


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As part of the LHO improvements I am suggesting we implement, this is stage two of finding some LHO recruiters - http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/16402-lho-improvements-recruitment-agent/


Now we have someone who could act as this recruiter, we need to first define, or redefine what a LHO should be, what they should do, and therefore what qualities they should have.


Once we know what LHO's should be nowadays, we can look into who we should be recruiting and how.

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I believe an LHO should be an authority on game rules and functions, with a demeanor that encourages mystery whilst remaining supportive.


They should be visible, which right now I don't really think they are unless you already know or get told how to look for them. The little orange flashing button is not particularly attractive, it looks more like an advert and I'm sure some people won't want to click it. Either this should be improved, or something should be set into the MP3 characters to make it obvious. A big question mark on the left scroller would work better, or a little sos flashing icon or a small support buddy (like the word paperclip) or something else.


Better still would be that when 'on duty' their name changes to 'Live Help' with a fitting description, and they could log in and out of that status.



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Well an LHO to me is a some what older player (cause most ive seen are older players) i was thinking we have an LHO for each land and possibly they are just an LHO for just that land (emp... Eagle eye is an LHO but he hails from lore so he would be the LHO that will help with questions about lore) I do not think an LHO needs to know every thing but they do need to have a good well known knowledge of most if not all the lands. I also think an LHO should have the Knowledge of how to collect resources and the tools cool downs when used. i also think they should have well known knowledge of the fighting system and how honor and loyalty works. Ect



Let me know if im on the right path here chew 

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LHO qualifications:

  • Patience
  • friendlyness and helpfulness (tho they can still be a villain character when RPing)
  • Knowledge of rules, written and unwritten (and try to keep up to date with announcements and forum)
  • Activity! (preferably awake near daily)
  • Decent knowledge of English so he understands the questions and can respond to them in a decent manner
  • Knowledge on basic gameplay (basic information on combat, items, lands and alliances,...) and knowing who to send them to for further information on said subject if necessary
  • having some feeling on what is happening in the realm (ongoing quests, upcoming festivals, who has what role)
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Personally, what the New Ones need is someone Kind, Understanding, and Wanting.

Now, what MagicDuel needs in an LHO, is someone Dependable, Knowledgeable, and Trustworthy.

There is no easy way to find someone with all those qualities.

So i say, pick one set or the other, and find that.

Wait to try and find all of those qualities, and the Person you pick will be Overloaded sooner or later, and thats assuming you FIND someone that perfect.

But its up to you. Thats what i have to say about it.

Its a hard job, its rewards are nearly nonexistant (Unless youre me and you just enjoy helping).

And to top it all off, theres a high risk of getting Butt Smashed if you Think the wrong thing, Say the wrong thing, Suggest the wrong thing, or Find the wrong thing.


Someone meeting the First set of requirements would be more helpful and loving to the Newbs, but more likely to get In Trouble (Untaught but Caring people like me) becasue they dont study or care for rules they dont plan on breaking. #DGAF

Someone meeting the Second set of requirements would be more ready to teach about anything, but more detached, uncaring (in the wrong way) and able to recite rules like Eon recites Death Mantras while he Assassinates ( o-o);



Guys, save yourself the trouble, from the above posts, the LHO needs to be Perfect. This is the problem, always has been, and always will be. We need perfection, seek perfection, and thats just not graspable.

Edited by Fang Archbane
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- Visiting Paper Cabin and The Aramory (daily)

- Loyal to serve and help MD grow

- Sacrifice and Active

- If you are away post on the LHO forum

- Always say Hi, Hello and welcome to MD 

- Give them inspired messages about MagicDuel



LHO is a symbol of MD, How wonderful, beautiful and the people behind it.

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People have mostly discussed what qualities should a LHO possess, I would like to get to the bottom of "what is a LHO" part first.


Z said:

I believe an LHO should be an authority on game rules and functions, with a demeanor that encourages mystery whilst remaining supportive.



Sounds more like a judge than a supporting unit?


If I try to look at it practically, LHOs are only supposed to help fresh players not to get too lost in them trying to get on the steady track of evolving and understanding the world, also to react where players get stuck due ignorance (for example in labyrinth and such) while because of their youth they don't have the access to mood panel, or know that many players that could help them... A welcoming kind face to magicduelists in creation.


I didn't hear of cases where older players approach LHOs, older people ask on forums, or ask Chewie, etc.


So the focus is entirely on fresh/young players, do people agree on this?

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What an odd comment...in what world is a judge supposed to maintain an air of mystery whilst offering support?


I do like Eagle Eye's definition.


This all sounds a lot more like a buddy unit than something I'd refer to as Live Help, is that what we're aiming for? Genuine question.



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I am intrigued how you find it odd, when it is obvious. :P

Your sentence could even describe Mur and Chewett, it's very open.


I like what Eagle Eye said as well, but it is still in very general spirit, in the same way as your judge-ish sentence is.

I will highlight Eagle Eye's two parts:

- LHO is a symbol of MD,

- Loyal to serve and help MD grow


True, but this is still not a true definition that explains just exactly what are they doing.

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Oh, I am not suggesting anything, I'm trying to define LHOs as they were or still are.

Got stucked on your quote because you are the only one that ventured into encapsulating lho essence in a sentence, other people at the moment share their thoughts about how should a lho behave, which I am not considering yet because i don't 'know' what lhos are yet, what is their purpose.


What I posted in my first post was not a view of how I think they should be ideally, I was just trying to define their purpose so far.

Buddy system, I guess you could call it like that, yeah. 

If LHOs aren't a buddy system, could you point out when in MD history their acts contradicted that?


When you said LHOs should be an authority on game rules and functions, what does that actually mean? I interpret it that their perception of events is law (unless it isn't in which case they get fired :P), so basically they have the space to say "this is abuse" on an event which should cause an immediate reaction in either the accussed being punished, either lho getting fired/punished/rehab because they are wrong in their statement, either nothing happens and somebody is letting the accusser go unpunished up the top.

In reality, I think LHOs were just a reference, and a proactive reference for younger players for that matter.


If you or anybody disagrees, I would be very happy to hear some thought on the matter, I'm trying to make some conclusions about lhos rather than persuade people into something, which could be interpreted like that I guess that's why this disclaimer-paragraph.

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to judge: form an opinion or conclusion about

to pass judgement: give a decision concerning a defendant or legal matter


I consider an "authority on rules" to be someone who can identify and enforce rules. This implies passing judgement, not just judging.


In light of this, I don't believe that they should be considered an authority on rules, although the tools at their disposal certainly enable them to act as such, to a minor degree (minor punishments); at the most, they should be able to have a say in these matters = to judge.




What Sunfire wrote sums up to what I believe an LHO should stand for. To his list, I would also add "responsibility". Note that this implies transparency, because accountability is lost where anonymity is present.

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