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when trying to login game gives a *verify invalid account error as seen below
simple enough to reproduce, tried to login with *syrian* and my password, everything was correct and the error came multiple times, tried email address and tried player ID (i dont know if this works but i tried it regardless)
went to search for my profile and found that my name doesnt exist
same problem applies to azull, and kiley.
Aeoshattr is currently online and reports that mine and azulls names are missing from his friends list 
Mood panel names have dissapeared for many accounts
same for item owners
edit: added puush links as well as storenow links as the storenow links appear to have broken
edit again: i was asleep before this started, so i cant give a time frame except some time before this post happened, nor do i know the cause 
'nother edit: new character creation works as it should
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Happened about 1 hour ago. Looks like accounts have been deleted :P

not deleted, they appear to still be here, just nameless, as you can see with the mood panel and inventory screenshots in my original post


MD chatzy from global text : http://us20.chatzy.com/28044258766923

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  • Root Admin

Thanks all. Im working on trying to determine whats going on. I think we had a major database issue so im lookin at restoring some data but its slow going due to my slow upload speeds.


We shouldnt lose too much data here.

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  • Root Admin

Progress so far:


Im restoring MD onto my machine and running some checks. So far its all looking good.


I have a backup a couple hours ago and from what I can see the problem was a dodgey backup causing some issues to one of our tables.




The backup has just been restored while I was typing this. Im going to do some investigation.

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