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Tribunal Rain

Fang Archbane

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Only "Sky is visible" tag is effected. Open bright doesn't necessarily mean it's open to the sky (not sure what scene that coord is from memory) so there could be a roof or obstruction to prevent rain.



Seems that even when its raining, at


It does not overflow with Water, as all other Water scenes do. It has

Sky visibility: Open bright 

So im pretty sure that this is a bug. If its not, my apologies and this can be locked.


Also, have you tested this? Are you sure all other water scenes do? Or is it a guess?

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Search button is for idiots. Because some think they invented hot water.



Also this might be the response:


Ann. 3067 - [2014-07-08 01:14:57 - Stage 12] - Permalink - Posted By Chewett
MDA public bathroom had some issues with the toilet overflowing, we called a plumber in and fixed it. In addition a number of locations had roofing issues which caused the water in these locations to increase when it rained.
Only locations tagged with sky visibility of "Sky is visible" will have their water values increased when it rains.
In addition the DB has been improved to hold these details in a better format.



In which case, the "confirmed bug" is actually not a bug but normal behavior.

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If people think these things need to be reworked please feel free to open a discussion :)

Is the sky visible in that location? Would it rain in that location.

As can be seen in 7_thronehall_1

[attachment=4813:Untitled 1.png]

There is no roof for this entire room.

Thus, this would apply to 7_throneaudiencerange_1

[attachment=4814:Untitled 2.png]

As even though while in that scene you cant look up to see the "roof", you still know its not there due to the scene prior.

Both of these scenes have

Sky visibility: Open bright 

So yes, i would like to see it overfill at this Scene, as it seems it should by MD Logic.

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The scene was never sky scouted.


The options from the sky scouter tool are as in the below image:





I guess that happened because back when the sky scouting was done nobody had enough AP to enter and scout that scene. So "Open bla bla" is a custom tag.

I think the scene needs to be sky scouted and have its tag fixed by the tool.

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I was the sky scouter for that area and did scout it when we were doing those.


My notes tell me I had originally set them at open bright for 7_thronehall_1 and shaded place place for 7_throneaudiencerange_1. Looking through the log and notes I have from then, both should be open bright like they currently are. I can make the trip to reassign it that if it's not sticking

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So this is the confirmation that the tag was custom. Thanks.


If you ask me, yes, we should change the visibility but I am not in charge of taking such decisions...

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A little history lesson.

Mur has tried to fix that roof, and it always breaks and flies off into the sky.

He can not place a roof on that room. No one can. So that wont be happening.


Can you cite this please?


If it's true, it would be interesting to look into and possibly document. :)

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It is true, I can, but I will never do that.

Not in my land's best interest.




Also, if there is no roof ... there is no place to hang somebody there :D

I know you were trying to be funny, but i meant none can at all, not No One can.

Just thought id clarify.



Can you cite this please?


If it's true, it would be interesting to look into and possibly document. :)

I cant cite this, Mur doesnt like being quoted and chances are im already paraphrasing.

You could always ask him yourself if you truly want to Doc it.

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