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Boxes or lists  

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Win8 sucks. As most win do, but most of us don't have time to pay for it, or learn, switch and grow with smth better.
Come on! This is so horrible I can hardly believe it's even happening.

In the roughly 15 years I've been using computers I've seen some awful changes in software overall, but this beats them all, LOL :P

The only way I can justify this awfulness is Chew playing with it :D

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13 hours ago, Chewett said:

Nope but im going to leave it like this for a week or so to have a play with it

please try to play with the size of the boxes as well then, its really hard to keep an overview on the mobile version

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Also the Forum is now spamming my e-mail, which never happened before. And having 2-3 words in a line just ruins all the reading. Hell - I am using the good old 1024/768 on a good old lappy and that layout still fails to fill even 20% of each line. I just don't get it why it has to be so compressed - I feel like I am retarded or similar and can't keep track of more than 3-5 words per line.

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Just for fun :P yet this still is a pain in the arse
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I don't like the box view either. It's makes it really difficult to find what you're looking for. With lists, I could at a glance see which sub-forums had new posts, or go to what I wanted to read. With these boxes it's a lot of scrolling.

All that content to the right of it is not helping either (popular contributors, status updates etc). I wish there was a way I could turn that off (even if it's something that I can personalize myself, not necessarily a global change). It's wasting 1/3 of my monitor screen as far as I'm concerned.

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  • Root Admin

i just upgraded the forum and noticed the boxes are back, i didn't checked before if it was soemthing that was there before upgrading it or not. I put it back to a list view but if for some reason someone else made ir grid view, change as you think best.

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