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Cookie consent malware


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I noticed a new cookie warning at the MD homepage and while in itself that is not a bad thing, the specific script used for this is said to contain malisious code.




I can't find any real details about the actual malicious part of the code, but copying JavaScript from a self proclaimed 'official' site with a fake adress (whois) might not be the best idea regardless.

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A followup and a major bump:

On my phone (android, dolphin browser) the code gives a pop-up telling me my browser is infected and I need to download a cleaner of sorts, which I haven't tried, but, with a near 100% certainty, must be a virus.



They show the message on normal Chrome as well, though only once, so you might have to clear coockies/use private browsing to see it.

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So I noticed, you still shouldn't install it though (and if you did uninstall it immediately.) Google is known for not having the best quality control regarding what does or does not end up in their app store and there definitely is something wrong with what they're trying to do.

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I think users who had issues had it cached somewhere, according to Mur he removed it pretty quickly.

If anyone sees this give me a shout (please email or forum PM me) as IMO this is highly important, we dont want to be giving our users viruses :)

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