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Halloween 2016


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Hello all,

I'm looking for people to host/organise quests for this coming Halloween (31st October), if you are interested, please let me know and I will add you to the ongoing discussion.

As the 31st is a Monday, I was wondering which of the three options would the majority of public prefer; quests held/beginning on the Friday, Sat and Sunday before Halloween (28th,29th & 30th), just the Monday (31st) or for the entire week commencing 31st?

A few of the quests planned already will take longer than a day to complete, so quests that can be completed in shorter time-spans would be greatly appreciated!

If you require help organising/planning or sponsoring quests for halloween, feel free to give me a message!

Best wishes,


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Important Information on Elu's!

There are 10 Black and White and ten Coloured Elu's to be won this Halloween.

Colours will be at the quest master's own discretion but there will be only one Elu per player; this doesn't matter what the type. Quests that have an Elu as first prize should have a standby prize at the ready for if a player wins 1st place more than once.

That means there will be 20 people eligible for an Elu! So get your candy stacked whilst you can! :D


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