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MD's Clerihew

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Hello there, whimsical writers!

We are looking for a Sir Clerihew in MD, so for that we put up the following contest:

write three clerihews on MD characters and post them in this topic. No alts, please, and no editing. Post all poems in one go, so think well before you do. You have time - deadline is...24th of December.

Don't know what a clerihew is? Do a little research; besides, it's easy - here's an example:


is best friends with a hog.

Yet some people retain

they're one and the same!

Forum reputation will complement the judges' opinion, so get ready to upvote or downvote!

(rewards: santa for first place, 1 g 5 s for 2nd, 1g for 3rd)

Good luck!

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Mallos festers in Silence.
He lets you train, and with Violence.
Would you call him a Masochist?
Who knows, i just know hed be sorely Missed.

Eara is coated in Darkness
Her very soul, dripping in Starkness.
For once she found her own Way.
She commited to it, day by Day

MRAlyon the wicked Strong
Hes known by all, like a great Song
And if you somehow manage to Offend
Well, ive felt great pity for far less my Friend

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Some people say that Eon
Should wear some high vis Neon
So that his victims have a chance
To write their obituary in advance

At the pub on a Sunday Mr Sunfire
Has drinking habits quite utterly dire
By drinking vodka he belches flames
Setting fire to people's wigs is all fun and games

She hates the Tree
So I put some glue on her shoe
For when she steps in poo




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MD’s dashing overlord, Muratus del Mur

Recently purchased a nice knator fur

He too bought a mirror, for he’s rather vain

Then quickly realized he wore Fang Archbane


A pompous old man named Ivorak

Came upon a filthy abandoned shack

It dripped with dust, Pompy made a big fuss

For dirtiness left him nonplussed


A froggy sort of man, BFH the White

Nibbled a Christmas cookie, only a bite

The Wookie said it was fine, “Here, take nine!”

But BFH fell ill and died

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Alright, time for the scores!

I decided to be fair and announce the winners as decided by the judges...so, without further ado, I crown Zleiphneir MD's Clerihew! (standing ovation)

Next in line is Hedge Munos (bit of a fight between number one and number two), and then Fang Archbane. 

I had a very good time reading your entries, thank you for participating.

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