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Sky scouters


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Hi all, 

I always wondered how the sky is observed in MD. Thei notes of sky scouters mean weather has a place in the realm, so their observations are essential.

Your task is to imagine a sky scouter's outfit, complete with tools/gadgets. Drawings will help, and all gadgets need (short) descriprions. You have 24 days starting today to work on it, and submissions can be posted here or as PM.

First place gets 2g, one imp and a mildrain spellstone; second, 2 g and a heavyrain spellstone; and third 1g and a teleport to pc stone.

You can ask for actual sky scouters expertisr or, even better, you can be one and create your outfit now!

Good luck.

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5 hours ago, Ungod said:

I wanted some submissions, too :(

Tell ya what, since you opened Pandora's box, i'm thinking about opening it again. I gotta check those rewards, though, because i don't have the spellstones anymore.


I will sponsor anything you need that you no longer have.

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1 hour ago, Ungod said:

I'm waiting on a reply. Meanwhile, of all the sky scouters , i think mercurial and aelis are lurking around.

I'm here :) 

Feel free to find me ingame/message me. I think I still have the logs of the Sky Scouter meeting with Mur and would love to discuss ideas for possible outfits and tools.

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Let's give this another run!

Task is the same, time for completion three weeks, but as for rewards, it will depend on participation (so gold and spellstones will come in different amounts, higher for a bigger number of participants).

Also, this time it'll be two winners only.

Good luck!

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Sky Scouter’s outfit design

I have talked with Aelis about the mission of Sky Scouters and the items they used, also some descriptions for the sky visibility. Here are my concept sketches for the outfit & tools/gadgets design~

A) Perpetual Action Gear
It had unlimited uses and it gave sky scouters action points so they could generate enough AP in order to go through places with high ap requirements. It is so powerful and it reminds me of the ultimate power source & flying device in “Steamboy”.

It’s like a metal jet-pack, so sky scouters can fly around and check every single place in the realm, also it can provide lighting in dark place.

B) Skyscout Decider 
A rare powerful item that allows the owner to decide how much of the sky is visible in any location. Another must have item for sky scouters, I was thinking something like a supermarket barcode scanner + controller...and no~ its not a portal gun in “rick and morty”…

C) Goggles
An eye protector in steampunk style, for prevents your eyes from the heavy wind & rain.

D) Altimeter Watch
Just like a watch w/ compass and shows the current altitude, a useful piece of kit.

E) All weather + Inflatable Protective Suit
This suit made with waterproof breathable fabric, it is important to stay dry and comfortable in the sky, the magic on it allows fabrics to adjust insulation based on ambient temperature, keeping wearers warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Also it can turns the wearer into a large airbag ball that can mitigate almost any injury!

F) Sunscreen SPF50 PA+++
Last but not least, sun protection is essential to skin cancer prevention – about 90 percent of non-melanoma skin cancers and about 86 percent of melanomas are associated with exposure to UV radiation from the sun. Learn how to protect yourself to stay safe. : P

And this is another try with similar ideas except her wingsuit & levitating shoes..
Thank you for watching! :)

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Mmm, me like the first suit. Dunno why, but it reminds me of Nausicaa.


Don't be shy to participate, people! Even if your drawing sucks, good ideas for gadgets can compensate for that.


(Edit: on second thought, i also like the second. Just that with those goggles and flapping suit, it looked like an insect, so i was unsure 'bout it)

Edited by Ungod
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