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A Renaissance of the Eclipse

Aia del Mana

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Upon return to the realm some months ago, I had seen that few remain of the realm that were of the Children, and that which had been earned by mine brethren of the Eclipse, were no more.

As one of the inceptive Priestesses of the Children of the Eclipse, I have read of the overwhelming support that had been placed upon the revival of the alliance, by those of the realm, in its time of need, and mine spirit were raised by reading of the words of those that had come after.

I seek to return the Children to their presence, and their role within Loreroot and the realm. I call upon those who knew the Children, or that do share its ethos, for the return of Night to the realm, to balance that of Day, and thus to restore the interaction of Light and Darkness.

I am only a single soul, that doth possess the memory of inception, and of rituals that do draw upon Luna and her magic. Yet, I believe in the vision of Penelope Lightmoon, and of Tarquinus, whom I sorely miss.

Look to the skies upon the last day of the month. Luna doth show her luminescence in all her glory then - that she may be called Super; she draws ever closer, and Terra shall align with her, that she may show her inner Blood Moon, upon the rarity that were a Blue Moon of the first month. It were a rare auspicion, and one that aught should be glad to witness.

(http://earthsky.org/?p=270280 - there really is a supermoon blue moon lunar eclipse on the 31st January, a once-in-two-lifetimes rarity.)

She shall speak to the Children anew, and I shall hope that she doth bring new life to the Children. In preparation, I presently continue the role that the Priestess of Moon's Light had once been given - to bestow Luna's heat upon others within the realm, and to draw upon her own.

If there were aught that wish to show support of this within the realm, I should like to see the presence of thy support here.

Luna shall rise again, and with her, the Children will follow.

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4 hours ago, Aeoshattr said:

I have previously attempted this with very limited success; with even fewer players now than when I tried, I think you're up against a challenge...

Regardless, should you find interest in the night, come speak to me.

Lol same.

Good times.

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