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I've decided to clean up and remove all my Alt accounts (after almost 9 years, ended up with 30 accounts, hundreds creatures, thousands fights, tons of violations and countless memories), shame on me. All their items and creatures goes to the treasury which i'm pretty sure will be used for the good sake of MD(?). But, i still got some classic common creatures (sorry but all those high-end-fancy-strawberry-ice-cream-creatures are goes to the other way ahaha)

I can't sell them and i'm not the Complicated-quest-guru kind of player, so i think i'll just give them away.

If you need one of them, let me know.. In your most funny and absurd way. *wink*


Angien | Age: 1904 Days, Heat: 1533241

Tormented Soul | Age: 1827 Days, Heat: 1857410, Token: Claw 1, Claw 2

Pimped Grasan | Age: 1834 Days, Heat: 720537, Token: Claw 1, Claw 2

Grasan #1 | Age: 1825 Days, Heat: 491292, Token: Claw 1, Claw 2

Grasan #2 | Age: 1826 Days, Heat: 540284, Token: Claw1, Claw 2

Winderwild #1 | Age: 2115 Days, Heat: 1124691, Token: Claw 1, BlackDiamonds

Winderwild #2 | Age: 2074 Days, Heat: 3019278

Imperial Aramor #1 | Age: 2028 Days, Heat: 1605883, Token: Claw 1

Imperial Aramor #2 | Age: 2131 Days, Heat: 936617

Imperial Aramor #3 | Age: 2018 Days, Heat:1350091, Token: Claw 1

Imperial Aramor #4 | Age: 1824 Days, Heat: 281149, Token: Claw 1, Claw 2, Blooddrop 1, Blooddrop 2, Blooddrop 3, Black Diamonds

Imperial Aramor #5 | Age: 1836 Days, Heat: 1571251, Token: Claw 1, Claw 2, Blooddrop3, Osiris Belt

MD Shop Joker | Age: 1845 Days, Heat: 1286937

MD Shop Remains/Tree | Age: 1190 Days, Heat: 0


Big thanks,


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2 hours ago, Poppi Chulloz said:

Imperial Aramor #4 | Age: 1824 Days, Heat: 281149, Token: Claw 1, Claw 2, Blooddrop 1, Blooddrop 2, Blooddrop 3, Black Diamonds

Mr "Imperial" Look-Down-His-Nose (name pending, no promises I'll actually name him that! Unless you make it a condition of transfer...) needs to humble himself by sharing rituals with his brothers, my beautiful collection of Annies (Anniversary Aramors)! I'll eventually corrupt him in ways much worse than your past transgressions ever could've...muahahaha

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I'll assume this is in the right section of the forum, so i'll give it a shot:


Those winderwilds there...i don't need them. Nobody needs birds, unless to make a good meal out of it. And to quote a classic, MD's lands of death must be filled with trees and birds, judging by the notes at fenths' press. So, you see, they're only good to be sent in the afterlife (not that i believe in the afterlife).

Yeah...so i DON'T want them. Not even for free. Not even if you send me the ctcs, saying it's a pleasure to just toss them my way, noting a certain fondness of mine for quail.

So don't even think of doing that, Poppi, it would certainly ruin my day. Just...don't. 



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I've thought about it, I guess I'll just give the creatures to the relatively new players, because I guess you veterans don't really need it, you even have creatures that are far more cool than that :))

I remember that day, where several things here tends to be quite easy, I still remember very well where as a "free" player it was so hard for me to get those creatures, it was really a tough time. So, for young players, in any level, especially those who have not been able to buy their credit easily but really enthusiastic about the game, come to me and grab your creature.

I know, you guys will think this is a non-educational thing since Magic Duel is not an ordinary game and indeed it should be difficult. but hey, this is a give away, so for once in a while I guess this won't be a problem. :)

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