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MD 15th Birthday Quiz - SIGNUP Thread

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  • Root Admin

This is the signup page for the MD 15th birthday Quiz.

As stated in the announcement I will be attempting to run two quizzes at different times which will roughly relate to EU morning (ST 10:00-15:00 approx) and EU evening (ST 18:00-02:00 approx). The quiz will likely take about an hour to run and will reward plushies depending on the number of points you score. You will be able to participate in both quiz's if I run both.

The quiz is simple, a series of questions will be asked and those answering correctly will get points. This year instead of just the first person answering getting points I will trial a way of giving more than one person points. This will be announced later once I have thought about it.

First, second, and third place will get an Anni creature.

Descending winners will get the option of picking from the pool of the following

1st and 2nd place pool:

Rustgold Drach
Tainted Angien
Sword Shade

Third fourth fifth place pool:
Loreroot Archer
10 tokens applied to any creature (pick any tokens you want)
10 magic CTC's applied to any creature (can be used at a later date)
3xLock in choas stone

3x petrify stone
3x sendtogoe stone
1 gold coin
History of the Elucubration Creature
(BMMO) Attacklock stone
(BMMO) Guardianarmy stone
(BMMO) Weaken stone
(BMMO) Givevital stone
(BMMO) Mirroritual Stone

Note: Once a item is picked it will become unavailable for anyone else to pick it.

To enter the Quiz:

State what times/days are good for you (this does not bind you to being able to make those times). This is so I can roughly work out when we can run this.

Message me 10 MD trivia questions that you think others might find tricky to answer (Not too obscure but certainly you wouldnt want your opponents to easily gain points)

Additional Plushie reward

If anyone wants to send me more questions, I will award 1 plushie per question (and answer) submitted to me that is not currently duplicated by someone else or already in my trivia list.

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32 minutes ago, Zetsuei said:

8:00 am...blast. probably working then...unless its 8:00 at night.


I didn’t  notice the time shift already began. 
Then ST - 7hrs would be your time. 
For example ST 1:00 is your 18:00

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  • Root Admin
10 hours ago, Zetsuei said:

Im in new jersey and not time savy so those times confuse me a quite a bit.

New Jersey is currently GMT-4, Server time is currently GMT+3. So I believe you should remove 7 hours from any "ST" times.


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9 hours ago, Chewett said:

Confirmed submitted questions:

Waiting for questions to be submitted:
Demonic God

My account is Tissy. Sorry for the inconsistency and confusion  I don’t know how to change the forum user name. 

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • Root Admin

First Trivia:

Miq - 11
Sunfire - 7
Tissy - 7
CM - 6
Eara - 3
Ailith - 3
Ledah - 3
MRF - 2
Trola - 1
Mag - 1

Second trivia

Aelis - 17
Ledah - 16
Sunfire - 13
Jubba - 13
Nim - 10
Ungod - 8
Laz - 7
Steno - 7
Ailith - 6
CM - 6
Tissy - 6
DD - 3

Please pick your rewards and post what you would like below.

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