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Cognitive Dissonance-A Jester's Jamboree

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Hello everyone!

If you've been in MD for awhile, or just got started, you may have noticed that there is quite a few mentions to role, role play, and characterizations... Let's play with that a little, shall we?



The court Jester was wondering around the Grand Duke's court when he found a random backdoor in Chewett's coding saferoom. Dazzled by all of the fun toys that were at his disposal, the Jester sat down seriously to think for a long time about what to do. The last time he had done something funny everyone ELSE thought it wasn't and he got yelled at  by a very flummoxed Chewett. He didn't want that to happen again. After some VERY deep thought, he looked over at the buttons on the machine that said "TAG and ROLE distributer--do NOT TOUCH". He thought, eh, there's no way Chew would care if I touched this.

He started gleefully smashing the machine, pressing every button and making every little off-white button flash orange and all of the little puzzle sound-effects go off. He grinned maniacally, feeling that he finally found his calling and that the joy he felt at that moment was worth anything that came next. He then went to bed feeling very content. He awoke the next day with the strangest feeling... He felt the strongest inclination to get in the nearest body of water and hide in the reeds and croak like a bullfrog. It was a compulsion that he could not deny. Completely stumped he hopped over to the Angien Crossing and hid under the dock croaking away, concerned about he didn't feel like making anyone laugh that day.


You all have woken up in the strange new muddled-up roles and tags world that the Jester has wrought. During this quest you will be given a random role to fulfill throughout the entire anniversary. This role will likely be something along the lines of a particular person (another player with at least 1 well defined role) or job (such as bard, jester, knight, doomsayer, carpenter, something that describes what you do, or defines your actions. This will be coupled with a twist on that character that drastically changes how they are perceived (such as they absolutely love trout, they think they can fly, they only speak through violence, they're the established housing tourism bureau's only employee, etc)

Something might look like: You are the... a passivist who only knows how to speak through violence and giving gifts or you're a GWI Guardian who is a mime/mute.

This is my first time attempting to come up with these, so there may be some discrepancy in the manner/style of your role. The key is that you must act out role for the ENTIRETY OF THE ANNIVERSITY. This is to ensure that multiple people had an opportunity to see you role-play. I don't want to hear about how someone decided that their role consisted of hiding in the labyrinth for the entire anniversary. A) I wouldn't do that, I want you to have fun, and B) you definitely won't win.


Here's the rule: You must register prior to the 23:59 Server Time 4/14/21. You will receive in a forum PM your role. You will not be able to change it, unless it is becoming apparent within the first 5 days according to an impartial judge (who shall appointed following the closing of registration or myself) that you cannot fulfill your role due to some logical flaw that I didn't see upon its creation. You cannot tell ANYONE your role, besides aforementioned judge and myself, your role. To do so, will result in disqualification, this means in any form. (I can't say, he Ledah, guess what? My role rhymes with LIME!, when I'm a mime-- don't be that person, if you are, then I'll disqualify you).

Players must take a total of 5 screenshots on at least 4 different days of them roleplaying in a scene with at least 2 other players. This does not mean two other idle players (we have events that you can try to make, at least 2 other people are almost always active at a time at any time-look for ledah or DG). This means at least one of the other 2 players must react to your role-playing... ... hopefully.


Every participant then submits guesses, for every person they guess right (at least 55% correct or more---roughly), entered into hat for random pick of prize and then best acting by community vote gets one too is entitled to plushies and at least 2SC-I might have to break a GC for change, lol.

The winner from the lottery gets 2GC and 5 extra plushies. 

The winner by community vote (I will post a post of each player and their assigned role with their screenshots in a post, then players will vote by poll who they thought the best role player was). This winner gets a WP and 1 anniversary creature!


Registration begins NOW! Event ends the last day of anniversary. If you'd like to help me out and be the impartial judge, please let me know (subject to my approval, there are some people I don't think could stay impartial, sorry that's my right)

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Let the acting begin! Roles have been sent out and you can start playing them now!

Keep in mind that how you play your role can change and grow slightly throughout the time as you find your niche (or calling) in your role. Just ask me if you want to do something that might break your role, but honestly, just go for it. Make it your own!


Also, just FYI my D10 decided all of the roles, and it was MAGIC. I couldn't have made it more hilarious than if I had assigned everything myself!

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Also Fyrd has agreed to be the impartial judge!

this means that he knows your roles, as well as the alternates if you think your first was two hard (you have about 28 hours left to tell us though)

he will be keeping an eye out to make sure people don’t spoil their role to others. Also if you’re lacking inspiration in how to play your role, he and I will both be available as resources for ideas.

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For festival duration, if you can't find me I'll either be at the other end of the MDA portal link, or camping at or around Wind's Sanctuary in Marind's Bell to grow some land loyalty - and more pickles!  Always happy to help develop a role, for this or any other purpose. Or a quest, or event, or document, or... whatever.

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