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Of a trip down Memery Lane

Aia del Mana

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As is customary, here shall mark the commencement of this year's contest of memes. As usual, other than this post,

- Each meme should be posted in its own post
- One meme per post (memes quoted from other posts in a reply do not count toward this total)
- One post per meme
- Each meme will receive one point per reaction of any kind (likes, dislikes, and other reactions all add 1 to the total score of the post)
- The final score of each meme will be determined at the close of the Anniversary
- Participants may submit as many memes as they would like, provided each meme were within its own post
- The final score of each participant will be the score of their single highest scoring meme; ties will be decided by time of posting (with the earlier post scoring higher)
- Each meme should be posted in its own post


Oh, and, to encourage competition, a single point will be added to any reply-meme posted by one who is mentioned by name in the previous meme, provided it is not a reply to their own post.
(That is: if Aia is mentioned in a meme that were not her own, then Aia's reply-meme to that meme will receive an additional bonus point.)


For those who are interested in more tangible prizes, rather than the enjoyment of creation and sharing of such memery:

First place will have their choice of any one of the following, and then fourth choice of any one of the following:

1x Memery Stone - a custom item that proves the bearer's magnificence by sitting in the bearer's inventory for all to see
1x 17th Anniversary Creature
1x coloured pope
1x coloured winderwild
1x coloured elemental
100 points to any profile stat (other than skilldamage) - this were any statistic which one may observe in the General Profile section of one's profile page (i.e. not maximum AP, vitality, or worldly-inertia)

Second place will receive the second choice and fifth choice of the above, and the third place will receive the third and sixth choice of the above.

All who post any meme will receive plushies to the total value of all votes received on their memes (the reply-meme bonus will not add plushies to the final prize).


For those who have missed previous anniversary meme-contests, do find some inspiration hence:




Edited by Aia del Mana
added plushie prize for all participants
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