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Ruler of UG


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I have been defacto leader of UG for a while now

so i would like to have the official title to it, seeing that Lady dst doesnt seem to return to rule over SI and UG anytime soon.

As 100% of all active Alliance members agree with this decision, i now ask for the technicalities to be solved

thank you


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I have long stated that this should be so.

5 hours ago, Ledah said:

As leader of the Caretakers you have my complete support, Mag... Long live the Queen!

I believe there were quite an imbalance of Kings and Queens, and so, if MaGoHi will accept the title, I wholeheartedly support MaGoHi's ascension to Queendom.

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1 hour ago, dst said:

Bahahaha! UG never had a legit queen :D but that changes now. Long live Queen Mago!

Yes, it's highly unlikely that I would return. Unless you have something with that damn interface which is absolutely hideous :(


as dst mentioned there has never been a legitimate queen in UG, thats why i will settle for legitimate Ruler of UG since we had that before

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