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Seen chat command removes usefulness of Locate?


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2 hours ago, Chewett said:

/seen effectively does what locate does (mostly).

What do we think about this?

I like it. The locate spell never was useful I found. Cause if I am correct there is a feature you can purchase through shop or WP (can't remember) where when you look at the map you can see online players and where they are in the land. Maybe not the exact scene name but if you know the land you can make a very good educated guess. 

Also I've not seen many use the locate spell in all my time of MD. While yes the spell has been used, it was never a popular spell people wanted or seemed to really need. 

I do remember some event that had taken place where the locate spell was very useful but that was the only time I remember the spell ever really being used. 


But now I can also understand, if people have this spell as a perm spell and maybe spent a WP or two to obtain the spell. This could cause an outrage in these players as now the spell they own is useless 

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1 hour ago, Blackshade Rider said:

if people have this spell as a perm spell and maybe spent a WP or two to obtain the spell

... as I have spent 2 wishpoints on Locate, and burned lots of memory stones for prizes. 

I had this initial reaction too, but between the advanced map and the "who's online" function, Locate has already been degraded in value.  (I won't even talk about A25 tools....)

Locate does give a path, and works even if the player has subsequently logged off, so you see the last place they were.  So there is still some value....  Also it gives coordinates rather than scene names, so if you don't know the names, it still is useful.

Besides, new players won't know and many of us forgetful old folks will forget, so these commands won't be used by anybody but veteran alert players.

So, I'm not worried.

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As discussed within the realm, the dynamic at present must cater to retaining current players. I too have purchased the locate spell, and I believe it is a worthy sacrifice for this function - as it may be useful to find one who has returned after a long absence, and to offer them greeting and discourse.

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  • Root Admin

locate and /seen present slightly different information, plus the evolution of these might take different paths. I still believe they are not really competing , but i see the concern about having locate for wp could be too much maybe

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I think it would make sense to remove the locate spell from the wish shop going forward, at least until the two evolve to be more different as Mur hinted at. 

Us vets probably don't need a refund, but if I was a newbie spending my first wishpoint and hadn't learned about /seen yet, I think I would be a bit annoyed.

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