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Top 5 Mders - People Who You Admire


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in no particular order...

Pamplemousse - my first friend here, a special person who at the time when i arrived, had time for everyone, not just me, interested in story writing (and very particular on spelling mistakes!!) and offering rewards for people who helped others with their papers. Havent really experienced her Citrusy wrath only the sweet scent of her grapefruity goodness. Leader of Team Citrus, truely deserving of Best Protector, who spent an AWFUL lot of time and patience with all her adepts not just me. The first person i RP'd with and made me feel warm and welcome in MD, helping me spread my wings for myself x

Ailith - When i had problems with people in MD i didnt know who to turn to. Ailith helped me with my problems (i dont know what she said...but it worked..thankfully.. or i wouldnt be here) friends with everyone and a big ear and even bigger heart. I dont know if it pained her to become tainted, im sure it was probably nessercey for her character to develop. I didnt like the change at first, and i believe she must sometimes miss being the person she once was, but change is nessercery for everyone, and to me, she will allways be the same x

Zleiphneir - Being lost and not "feeling" the love in MD for a few reasons, feeling alone i didnt have anywhere to turn. There was one person that was i knew would be there to talk with, whether he liked it or not!! he didnt have a choice to leave.. i could come and go when i pleased, and sometimes i felt rather selfish.. but you know we all have different friends..it would be impossible to keep in touch with all of them ALL the time. Taught me simple rules about hwat i should or shouldnt think about doing when RPing and helping me create a character i enjoyed playing, this is probably the person i felt most attached to when i first began the game. though a bit annoying and defensive when asking him a question (i call him a brick wall :P) often asking a cryptic one back, one of the only people who made me look deeper into different parts of the game.

Peace - if i ever felt in an Intelligent mood, i would search to find Peace. Her understandng about principles and the ways and workings of Necrovian were an inspiration for me. Often she didnt say anything, and helped me think for myself. Annoying yet thoughtful stories/morals that she got from her father, still perplex me to this day, and to be honest make me feel a little stupid, because i cant understand them. She helped guide me to an answer i waqs satisfied with, talking with me for hours and hours at times, and i really really apriecated her time, and the way she went about "leading" me to an answer.

Ladytwin - Not knowing much about this perplexing character.. it doesnt matter. Friendly to everyone she is an inspiration for me. The time she has spent on this game and helping people, and just seeing her wave fury (her hair) around is just amusing and makes me smile. Constantly searching for something, allways a woman on a mission, yet having a LOT of time for people in the paper cabin, an LHO without being named as one. One of the people who has RP'd from the start and im sure will continue to do so.

(special mentions, people mean a lot to me personally : innocence, kouros, windy, Rhah de la rey)
(please post your TOP 5! if you cant say nice things about people you admire in game, tell them what you really feel, then try on here)

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top 5? it would be very hard for me to name a top 25, a top 55 would be slightly easier for me.

Really, i think most people will name Mur, and a couple of other characters key in their development. But i personally couldnt name 5 people because no 5 single people have helped me.

The people who are my friends, you know who you are. You are the ones i admire. And i thank you all for all you have done for me.

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Well, I will not specify 5 of them with names. There is one that I realy like and kindda connect with on some levels out there and I am preaty sure that you know who you are.
But there are also others that I admire because of diferent qualities that they posses and some others that I like, not to mention those that I might like if I would get to know them better.
In any case, if I "talk" with you then you are somewhere between those above and you know who you are also.
If I dont talk with you then or I dont have liking of you or I simply didnt had oportunity to meet you yet or maybe there is just not enaugh oportunity to chit-chat with you or something or or or...

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In no particular order:

Each person here I have greatly admired for their various qualities, I don't really care if you don't agree or think is me just trying to make fun of this but these are some of the people I have come to genuinely admire from MD..


There are many others I should mention, most of you know who you are, well except Grido, he just plain sucks :P

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  • 2 weeks later...

Mur - The mysteries within MD still hold my attention, so in a way Mur has taught me more than anyone in MD.

Khalazdad - The main reason I stuck with MD. I still look through his words when I need inspiration.

Granos - Taught me a lot when I was new.

Dragoonus - My first teacher within the Sentinels, back when I was an acolyte.

AqlBeast - The person I became adept of first, helped me out with a lot of the basics.

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Two categories:

1. People who guide me: Firsy, Chewy, Burnsy,(whose brains I eat regularly for silly little things-thank u people for tolerating me), Stormy(the sole reason I logged on to MD after 3 whole months), Pip (whose constant :/ 's have always humbled my royal ego and inspired me to learn more about MD. That doesnt mean you keep on :/ing Pippy. ;))

2. People at whose expense I've always had fun and who make My time in MD worthwhile:Marv, rhaegar, Shmeezy (thats shemhazaj), Shara, DR (yes The one and only death ray)

EDIT: *shakes her fist at Asterdai* I needed A top 50! There Is Mya, tara, malichI, brady, luna, peace, yrth, thomas and.. Never mind. -sigh-

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[color="#2e8b57"][i]1) Shemhazaj[/i][/color]

[color="#2e8b57"][i]2) Mya[/i][/color]

[color="#2e8b57"][i]3) Nimrodel[/i][/color]

[color="#2e8b57"][i]4) Firsanthalas[/i][/color]

[color="#2e8b57"][i]5) Death Ray[/i][/color]


[color="#2e8b57"][i]Obviously there are others, but these are the guys closest to my heart.[/i][/color]

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  • 3 months later...

Wow. Only 5? There is so many that I could name!

Gargant - Whom I miss terribly and stood by me when others were against me when I started my pub at Wind's Sanctuary.

Ailith - My dearest friend and whom I also miss terribly as she has moved on to other things in MD. She put up with my rp for gathering Left-handed weed and did a marvelous job.[img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/wub.gif[/img]

Kalazhad - He was always there to give me encouragement and had splendid stories to tell.

Granos - He also was a great support of my work and is in a true sense, my brother in all things.

Zleiphneir - For being so stedfast a protector for a lone tree even when it is just plain silly. I adore him immensely and I am so glad that he still pops in once in awhile.

I could go on...But you said only 5.[img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif[/img]

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[*]Aqune - my first mentor in MD.
[*]Innocence - not merely the best roleplayer in MD: the best roleplayer I have ever known.
[*]Khalazdad - superb roleplayer. The center of gravity for an entire sub-culture in MagicDuel. Intelligent, perceptive, and compassionate. A tremendous asset to the game.

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Tarquinus - Helped me on my first day when I was near to giving up.

Dark Mystic - My first real mentor and friend.

Pamplemousse - for too many reasons to list

Granos - Great character good roleplay imo and interesting to talk to

Amoran - always a good friend

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These arn't necessarily people I like, or people I love, but they are 5 people who for the reasons mentionned below I do admire. Mur and Akasha go without saying as far as I'm concerned.

1 - Amoran -
For always standing for what she believes in (no matter how I may think of it) and always getting back on the horse.

2 - Khalazdad -
For somehow totally manipulating 90% of the MD populous and royally screwing them time and time again yet making them love him for it.

3 - Cutler -
A diamond in the rough, and only in the rough because he chooses to stay in the sand.

4 - Windy and Sage (yea im gunna couple you, kinky ay? :P) -
For always, always, managing to be chirpy...even when having a tantrum, which to me just seems utterly impossible!

5 - TOOTH -
For getting it, 100%. You know who you are - and yes I know it's cheating :P


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Chewett- For the forum. Without him, how would I get everyone to hate me so much? Like honestly... I wouldn't say what I say in the game... just wouldn't feel right. Not the place for it.

Lifeline- I dunno why I like him. I just do. ;)

Granos- Being able to do what he does, and still have people like him

Princ- I respect the way he thinks. I value what he says, may not always like it, or think it's right but I listen to what he says.


Dst- Cuz you're the only one that I can bash over and over, and you still don't cry. Although sueing me seemed kind of... not you. But what ever.

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