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No More Torch Competition For Allianceless Mp3S And Mp4S


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I still think you should give 1 free "kill" to the score so that simply carrying the torch unopposed would score. Suddenly all the mp3's in Marind's Bell would become an important force, and MB would stand a chance.

I think the chance to "see the world" should NOT be denied to new players. Removing a privledge would simply push new players further away and hurt the cause of growing MD.

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I think if mp3's and mp4's want to "see the world" they should actually work for it instead of just picking up a torch.

I may be mistaken but wasn't the astral plane taken down because mur thought it was a spoiler because of all the locations you could see using it? I feel the torch comp is just a big spoiler as well.

From what I have seen when a new player picks up a torch they have no intention of actually fighting with it but they use it to get easy access into a land that they weren't bright enough to to get into otherwise.

You can probably tell by now that I am pro this idea.

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No, I have to say I am fully for this idea.

If it was all MP3/4, then I wouldn't agree, but being in an alliance is another issue entirely. I think this would revitalize the contest from the joke that it is right now. It will remove most (not all, but most) of its abusability, and help to make it possible to actually play for all the lands. It won't make it fair, but it will be a step closer to that goal.

MP3/4 who haven't earn't a place in an alliance or earn't entrance into the lands properly shouldn't be granted a free pass like this. Everything in this game needs to be earn't, even if that is achieved simply by being online at the right time (as with item hand-out, recently).

Removing the ability for such low level players outside alliances to play torch will also help to reduce the alt farming that happens most torch contests.

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Well then what about citizens of lands? what were you going to say about them dst and why should they be excluded obviously even if they haven't made it into a lands alliance yet they have convince kings or their censors that they would like to be part of the land and are able to compete. I've not seen mp3 citizens.

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From what I gather, it is actually rare for an mp3 to join an alliance or even for him/her to be in a citizenship.

I think it fitting that the mp3 not be able to partake simply because they are in a learning stage and they may not know all that is out there to offer. While in some degree it may be useful for an mp3/4 without an ally to join other lands, I do not think it worthwhile in the long run unless they are in an ally.

I do also agree that it is a bit spoilerish to enter a land without properly finding way into it, hence why during Torch I do not go into Necrovion. I do know there are wonderful places to explore, however, I do not think it is my given right to explore such places myself just yet.

I am for the restriction.

And I apologize if my ramblings make anyone upset/don't make sense. Kyphis woke me up with only three hours of sleep.

Oh, question: But what about alt mp3s who are in an alliance?

*edited to add a question.

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@Darigan: if citizens will be allowed to take part then I will ask for a citizenship granting item so I can have also players in UG. Pretty selfish reason but since UG is part of TC I demand the same opportunities and rights. I don't want to have citizens in UG because of UG's "special" characteristic but on the other hand I can't just sit and look how I can't defend my land.

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Frankly, the whole thing is an epic Farce. But since it is something that pops up in the announcements twice every month:

This idea is good enough to limit alt abuse and it [i]may[/i] also rouse the curiosity of the lower mp levels regarding the torch contest. That [i]may[/i] mean more mp5! (yay! I am being selfish >.>).

But then its not exactly fair to limit something as silly as a torch contest to mp5 as most of us mp5 don't even give a crap about it. At least the noobs have something to ponder about [i]initially[/i]. I've seen a few mp3s getting excited about the torches they were carrying.

As for the spoiler issue, I don't think the torch contest is really a spoiler because when it comes to GG and LR, people hand out the key to the maze and the Loreroot guards like fliers. If you talk about Necro, I think the fact that a noob is patient enough to get in and use its '[i]resources[/i]' is quite an accomplishment. Shows that he/she is actually curious and persistant.

Edit: I forgot to add :P:

I am not in favour of this idea.

Edited by Esmerelda
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oppose. agree with Fyrd and Darigan.
I've been able to go on exploration missions during TCs simply because no one was willing to kill me
even when I pass by their (not idle) characters

and it isn't like TC is making it easy for torch carriers
remember that AP is drained so moving takes time

land defense has got to be really lax to get to that point
i was able to get to both Necrovion's and GG areas where I could've scored if I'd killed someone else

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since you mentioned it dst, I don't understand why is Undergrounds part of torch system when it isn't a mainland, and it doesn't have more than 2-3 different individuals?
is it intended for neutral players? in that case, it shouldn't recruit "new citizens", it should involve "no man's land" citizens, yet if you follow up that rule "citizens only" then you still have the abuse, people will just take UG's torch to abuse.

if it's not intended as neutral player's base, then it's status (including leadership) should be discussed.

abuses in the Torch are many, what kind of abuse you want to stop here? the fact that the competition is unlocking locations or scoring?

Edited by Rhaegar Targaryen
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Nobody killed you cause I personally am unable to attack mp3s and mp4s.

LE:I never said UG is neutral.Yes, it doesn't have more then 2-3 individuals and I intend to keep it like this unless I find players that suit my needs (but this isn't anyone's business). Leadership? Why? Plan on running for king of UG?

Edited by dst
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I agree with DST :D. Torch should be restricted or at least limited to mp3 and mp4. Torch leads to [color="#ff0000"][b]Alt abuses[/b][/color] at those stages. Not to mention that torch "[color="#ff0000"][b]spoilers[/b][/color]". -_-

Note: With "limited I refer to an age restriction". :P


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I dun agree wit dis cuz moar spoylurz plz?

But seriously, if MP3s and MP4s still want to participate, then just disable the extra visiting privileges for them.
If MP3s and MP4s still want spoilers, then they can suck it up, and the brand new players won't even know the difference. Yey.

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