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Conspiracy Theories

Fyrd Argentus

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14. this project belongs actually to the chinese army that is trying to keep americans and europeans busy while they take over the world. EVIDENCE: there is no chinese translation of MD

15. Mur is actually a pseudonym for a group of people taking turns on one character to screw with your mind and avoid profiling

16. Fyrd Argentus is an alt of Mur, ..you have a MD character too? then so are you.

17. There are so few people left in MD because the last level of the game is played outside the web interface, usually players never win that level....

18. there is a cow creature and a milk resource but its invisible

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22. There is no such thing as MD. Theres only you, and all this is happening inside your head. Even this sentence is a sentence you made up. This whole world is made up by you. Everyone is a lie.

***Curse you Mur!. You posted before mine!, now i have to edit and be number 22.
<< You made this happened too.

Edited by Mr Mystery
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I laughed out loud at the chinese army one.

25. Mur is in fact a wall that was imbued with magical clay, that made it sentient.
The only reason why Md exists now and now when the wall was made in ancient times, is because only now does Mur not only have an electrical socket, but also an ether net feed.

(doh, had to edit mine to 25 instead of 24)

Edited by Metal Bunny
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26. Magic Duel is really a Tomato Cult scheme to turn the whole world into Vegetables via the internet. Some will become lesser vegetables, like squashes and eggplants, Others will gain the glory of transformation into a fully-fledged Tomato. The Tomato's will then harvest all the lesser vegetables, and create the worlds largest, tomato free, Salad.

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but tomatoes arent really vegetables, we are so used to thinking they are that we forget theyre actually frutis! dont be fooled! this is the cunning technique they employ to blend in with all vegetables. tomato is in fact a berry from the family nightshade! yes. you heard me right, "nightshade!" weve been brainwashed. the toxic but addictive fumes distorted our minds and opened it to subtle suggestions by the clandestine group that controls md. when was the last time you puffed some nightshade?! everybody did! we all did! and they tell us its all part of the story. how cleverly deceiving. now you know the truth. the truth...is..is..is....out there!

break down the code, bring out the truth:
[size="3"]muratus = mur atus = mur + tum atus = mur tumatus = 'more tomatoes'

Edited by Magnus X
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37. Dreams do come true, if we only wish hard enough, you can have anything you want... just not a wish point.

38. Always watch your vital energy. It is bad luck to let your ve drop below zero, bad things would start happening if you do.

39. Be cautious when playing Magic Duel, the game is constantly trying to influence players subconsciously.

40. You will be forever changed when you have solved the Broken Pattern Puzzle.

edit: now that i read them again.. these 4 are not that funny and kinda lame too :wub:

Edited by Nera
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