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Mood Panel Ap Check

Fyrd Argentus

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Well, the refresh took my display from 0 to 70 so I know I had at least 35 AP at worst. The entire process took less than a minute, including reject, refresh, successful repost. Perhaps you'll jump to a different conclusion than I jumped to.

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Okay, just to see if I can make DST happy (it's an experiment....)

I ran down to 0 AP by saccing. 2:29 left on my clock.
Waited 19 minutes (should have cycled 3 times now).
Still says 0 AP - no surprise, I did not go idle.
Tried to post on mood panel, it says "Not enough Action Points".
Refreshed the webpage.
Now says 105 AP.
Posted successfully on the mood panel.

So, permission to post on mood panel depends on the last time I refreshed my page, not current actual AP.
Permisssion to move, for instance, does not work this way.

I am running Internet explorer.

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Sacrificed creatures, bought some birds, went back to sac those, then back to buy one more bird.


Indicators, at this point, said: 1 AP and 06:24 time.

Waited 18 minutes.

Attempted to post in mood pannel: "Not enough Action Points"


Attempted to post: Worked. "Yep, bugged..."

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