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Didn't get my shop reset


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[2011-03-04 22:28:55 - Stage 10 : News 1754]
Shop resets increased by +1 for all players that had at least 20 spent credits on their account.

I never received my reset.

Players that have not received the reset

1.Eon -ID: 67640
2.*Lightsage* -ID: 63991
3.Shemhazaj -ID: 143975
4.Apophys -ID: 51654
5.Kyphis -ID: 104972
6.CrazyMike -ID: 48895
7.*Burns* -ID: 53832

Players that have received their reset


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Same, I had at least 20 spent credits (creature slots are gone from shop so that's a given). In addition to that I had already made the payment for more credits @ 22:26 but I'm not sure if those were in before or after the announcement. It shouldn't matter as the announcement says spent instead of available credits...

Cleared cache and did anything else I could think of

ID: 63991 As mur wants it.

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  • Root Admin

keep reporting this in this topic, i will wait a few days (or less) and fix it for those that posted here. If anything changes and the reset miraculously appears there by tomorow pls update/remove your post so i won't waste time checking solved issues.

I have no clue how a mass update would end up not changing "some" accounts, I am sorry for this.

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Over 1K credits spent, no added reset. [s]I did however still have a reset from the last batch. While this one said it was for ALL players who met those requirements, I suspect that those who still had a reset available won't have gotten a new one. Its an avenue of investigation, at least.[/s]

EDIT: apparently, the evidence says this is wrong.

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I'm not sure if I gained one, but I think I did. I have 2 now, and from what I recall I only had 1.

(Pointing this out since Kyphis thinks everyone who fulfills that criteria didn't get it)

Edit: just counted, so I'm not sure whether this is due to me already having 2 or gaining one...I wouldn't mind getting one more, though I probably won't get to spend it.

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