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Draw your aramor!

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Why don't people draw their aramor versions for the anniversary, and let us judge which version is the best, and if it possibly beats the anniversary aramor even? :D

Depending on the amount of people I might adjust prizes- I will however need at least 4 to 5 submissions for a possible WP, depending on the quality. Otherwise, I will fund this with coins.

I'll submit my own somehow later (if i get to draw properly).

Edit: It is YOUR version of it- as I pointed out, dst could make a red one for example, since right now she is dst the Red.

I'll give extra points for those who draw from scratch or at least sketch it (meaning unless your coloring blows me off completely, no WP), but only coloring can still win a few silver.

[size="3"][b]Deadline for this: End of the festival period, it might be a day earlier so it will end with the festival.[/b][/size]

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To kick it off... Here's a coloring (I will submit a drawing later on if it's allowed)
[i]Craig, the Psychedelic Aramor.[/i]
Edit: And this is how I imagine "my aramor", another "coloring" job.
[i]Blardy, The Aramor: [/i]

Edit2: I'll probably obsessively color aramors for the next couple of days... x.x I can't stop now.

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You said we can draw our own versions, right? Can I make a sketch that has some of the "classic aramor"'s parts, and then draw some spikes or something else like a normal aramor mutation?

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Here is my first attempt - drawing based on regular aramor(more will come hopefully)
[attachment=2748:aramor_.jpg] EDIT: improved pic qualiy

EDIT: regular aramors painted

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Ok, outline done... Step 1:
[i]Loaded into Gimp, added MD bg, used canvas to make it look neat.[/i]

[i]Some hours later, it's more or less done.[/i][/size]

Came out as an Adams Family cute kid Aramor... I might edit it some later on, but I quite like it this way.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go put some ice on my wrist... (I did the editing with a mouse x.x)

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Here are my aramors, all colorings.

The Bronze Aramor:
[attachment=2745:empty aramor colored 2.1.jpg]

The Chaos Aramor:
[attachment=2746:empty aramor colored 4.0.jpg]

And ever wondered how the ghost of a dead aramor looks? Here is your answer!

The Ghost Aramor:
[attachment=2747:empty aramor ghost.jpg]

When I have time I'll try to draw one from scratch.

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[quote name='xrieg' timestamp='1302125149' post='82055']
It's a birthday aramor after all...

[i][b]My first post on forums !!! the price goes for you , hopefully !!! best aramor ever, made me laugh too much...[/b][/i]

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  • Root Admin

I am sponsoring this contest with 3 awards , one for the funniest representation, one to the best looking aramor coloring, and one for the best original aramor drawing. I am just sponsoring this contest, not giving the awards myself. The sponsorship is of course, 3 aramors. Good luck.

ss, please let me know once the 3 winners are decided so i will send them the ctc for their creature.

Anyone else wishing to sponsor this contest please specify also what exactly should your award be awarded for (like i explained above).

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Introducing Aramor Skellington

[url="http://imgur.com/ySMLU"]My link[/url]

Though he isn't good at determining the time of year, or deciphering mirrors, he fights...well, he's not too shabby.

(Nice drawings Ravenstrider - And everyone else)

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And yet another drawing. x.x


Edit- Colored- I went a bit wild when I finished it, and decided to include the strange shapes I got...
Now it looks like a shadow-mage strange chess piece Aramor. (If you look closely enough, you can see a tormented face in each of those shadowy forms... Well, that's all of you going: Will he ever stop? We can't stand these awful things any more x) )

And since Mur is sponsoring the funniest entry as well:

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I was walking near the Willow's shop and I found this guy...doing some hard work on his axe....he was telling "[i]Uh!! Mur hasn't given me a strong axe, it broke when I try to cut a rock :P , I took it to the workshop and there was a big queue of aramors waiting to fix the axe and finally I ended up in doing it .[/i]"


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why should all aramors be male? here female one in her party attire
Fenth Beach volleyball game (armors left in changing rooms)
Aramor army marching at night
PS (Yeah I am aware of certain wrongness of these images)

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So Why not making the full set?

I'm working with the full set of BFH's Anniversary Aramor Edition.

Right now I have 2 pieces one remaining :)

First made after 3 hours, and this new one after 6 hours. OMG... (never try to eat while using your mouse, you will do a mess and you will have to start all again #_#)

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And my last entry... I promise.

This is how I think the Anniversary Aramor should look like:
[b][i]Birthday Cake Aramor[/i][/b]
[size="1"][i]Took less than an hour. :P[/i][/size]

Spoiler for a rude, inappropriate comment- open at your own risk.
[spoiler] Would be cool if we got the worse MD offender (probably me after this post) to get this as an avy, then come to Mur at the B-day party and say: "Blow me." [/spoiler]

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