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Floating Advertisements on Free Credits Page - Aesthetic Bug


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If you bring up your Progress for the Day while voting on the Free Credits page, the flash ads float over the rest of the screen which gives you something which looks like this:

[attachment=3244:Screen Shot 2011-10-17 at 8.03.55 PM.png]

It's not exactly a bug per se, but it doesn't exactly look nice.
If it's an easy fix I'd like to see it fixed, but if it'd be something hard to change I don't think that it'd really affect too many people ^_^ I mean, how often are people checking their Progress for the Day while they vote?

Edit: It's happening on both Chrome and Firefox, but not in Safari.

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[quote name='Mighty Pirate' timestamp='1318929993' post='94277']
As for the topic title: What is an 'aesthetic bug'? How can aesthetics be buggy?

I consider a bug to be anything in an electronic system that doesn't behave the way that it should be. Aesthetic bugs are just things that look wrong; like missing fonts, missing images, floating buttons, etc. And, like I said, [quote name='Brulant' timestamp='1318900368' post='94257']
It's not exactly a bug per se,
but it's still buggy. ;)

Does that make more sense?

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  • Root Admin

An Aesthetic problem would just look wrong without actually effecting anything (like text left justified when it should be right) Wheras this is just a display bug.

Opera works, but Firefox doesnt as Brulant said.

yeah, flash is always a problem appearing above most other elements...

EDIT: IE 9 also has this issue.

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