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Protector Papers Bug

Fang Archbane

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Fang has told me that he isnt helping until I have finished his demands of unalting and such. Therefore I am looking for someone to promote to MP6 so they can test it for me.

Does anyone other than Fang want to go to MP6 for a period of time for testing? I can "reward" you by making you perama MP6 for a month or so?

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  • Root Admin
2 minutes ago, Syrian said:

i don't mind trying to help out, but i've already picked up these papers so i don't think i would be much use on this particular bug, might be that mago would be better to try picking them up seeing as he hasnt got them before?

I was going to message you specifically but also thought you might have the papers.

Although we do need some testing with MP6 and you would be certainly a good candidate...

Ping me sometime this week and we can discuss it.

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  • Root Admin
19 hours ago, Aia del Mana said:

I would love the opportunity to advance to the Sixth Mind-Power but I do believe Syrian and MaGoHi should be better candidates for't. Still, if another were needed, I do volunteer.

are you mp4 or mp5?

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  • Root Admin
1 minute ago, Aia del Mana said:

Presently, of the Fourth Mind-Power, which is among the reasons why I had thought the others to be more suitable candidates.

Thank you for offering but MP6 causes issues with mindpowers and it would immediately promote you to mp5.

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