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These are the location of herbs in the Tribunal, along with what they can be farmed to while still getting full regen*.

Coord: 7_lonelyroundabout_1 30/44 (28/44 as buffer)

Coord: 7_roundaboutalley_1 8/12

Coord: 7_roundaboutsplit_1 24/35 (22/35 as buffer)

Coord: 7_stonepath_1 16/24

Coord: 7_stonepathclear_1 16/24

Coord: 7_melodyhouse_1 12/17 (10/17 as buffer)

Coord: 7_melodystairs_1 14/21

Coord: 7_walkway_1 8/12

Coord: 7_templealley_1 6/8 (4/8 as buffer)

Coord: 7_statuehallgarden_1 17/25 (16/25 as buffer)

Coord: 7_ascent_1 11/16 (10/16 as buffer)

Coord: 7_plains_1 9/13 (8/13 as buffer)

I ask that you harvest only to these values or leave them even higher, and that if you see somebody taking more than what is listed here, to send their name and a screenshot to me, xrieg, phantasm, or any other Tribunal citizen** through PM, rather than in the forum, so that we can try to avoid falsely accusing people. If you really want herbs but all of these locations are harvested, contact me and I will try to give you some.

I also ask that you not harvest to the buffer value unless you need it. Thanks Udgard for letting me know about buffers.

*Please correct me if any of these values are wrong, all math was done by me, so there are bound to be mistakes.

**Any Tribunal citizen who does not wish to take part, please tell me and I will make note of it here.

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Regarding the values, some of those places can technically be harvested by an extra 2 herbs, and it will still yield the same, optimum regen.
Example is the 30/44 spot, that regens 14 herbs a day, can be harvested to 28/44 and it will still regen 14 herbs a day. Same goes for the 24/35 spot, 12/17 spot etc. It doesn't really make much of a difference in a long run if people keeps harvesting to that value, but it does allow people to harvest an extra 2 herbs if they so really need.

Edit: Ah, that's right, I totally missed that. What stavaroiu said is correct, those values are the most optimum values, since fraction regenerations round up.

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With the recent development of showing depletions on screen, there is now a rash of people clearing the screen. For general information all those who clear screens in the Tribunal with herbs at there, will be considered the depletors if the herbs are below optimal ratios. These actions will be recorded and documents for further cases against individuals. I suggest you DO NOT clear screens with herbs at them.

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Btw what exactly are the consequences for depletion? What will you really do when one individual purposely depletes one or several locations? Can you actually do something to punish or at least prevent that individual from gathering?

I am asking mainly because recently MD`s most well known depleter joined a certain alliance with whose help he will soon easily reach the locations with herbs listed above.

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Individuals that deplete will be documented for further prosecution. To Break a Law set by the citizens of the Tribunal repeatedly could incur a lawsuit of the Tribunal against said person.

Those who are citizens of the Tribunal are expected to hold strictly to these regulations. Documented cases of depletion of the land will incur a request for dismissal of citizenship of the Tribunal.

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[size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]this is the answer to FS question, not to Esmaraldas ;)[/font][/size]

[size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]well, it's obvious! this citizen will be "insert like 20 random words here"...[/font][/size]

[size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]the situation is more then comical. anyways, what Eon and his gang are trying to prove (or at least what conclusion can be done) - "take it while it is possible or it will be taken by someone else" is the only option for now. in other words - be bad or poor. nothing can be done without the intervention of higher authorities. [u]nothing[/u]. there are no land rulers, no authorities with higher powers to expel someone out from the land for a longer period. so everyone is free to go anywhere they want and take whatever they want. he/she/it can be stopped for a pathetic period of time in which no resource will grow, and if it will by some miracle - it will be gathered in the next second when depleter regains his freedom. and he will... and you can't take away all the tools from them. at least not the ones residing in LR/MDA. i can move my char to the place with tools few hours before respawn, log out and then log in just the next second after respawn and take the tool i want in 2-3 secs. who could manage to stop me from doing this in such time period? you can design any scenario with available powers for mortals ATM to protect the tools or resources, and i will tell you how i'll go around it... unless you take them by yourself... or you can try to poke the villain till death, heh...[/font][/size]

[size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]it's too easy to be a villain in this game. from what i saw till now it's pretty much the same as in RL: the one who has/takes a million - walks free, the one who picks up an apple from the ground - goes to jail. and i'm not talking about sponsorships or RL money! :)[/font][/size]

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I ask my question because the Tribunal, unlike the other lands, does still have a ruler and that ruler is a demon!

Since I don't know the rules of that land, I am asking if citizens of that land are held accountable for what they do outside of the land, or only for what they do inside the Tribunal.

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By last speach of the demon, he claims to be no more a leader of the Tribunal then of any other land. His actions prove as much. Yes citizens of the Tribunal should be held accountable for their actions in any land. Any citizen of the Tribunal should be nuetral as is the land, they should abide by all laws and regulations of all lands. It is the only honorable thing to do.

As duxie said, Eon is often trying to prove a point that being a villan is the easy thing to to in this game. There are however many who know that while being helpful to their own land and to others is by far the more difficult thing to do, it is the right thing to do. In a world where evil often triumphs over good, it is always discouraging to try and do the right thing. That is why those who do try, are held in that much more great of a respect.

Unlike what duxie says, we do hold the power over the 'authority'. The mass IS the authority! Should those gather to be the mass that is. Most are too weak and scared. Stand up against he false gods. You are the master of your own destiny.

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Thank you for your response phantasm. =)

In this case, I would like to formally file a complaint against Eon and No One to the leadership of the Tribunal. As both are members of the Seal of Six, and thus citizens of the Tribunal, they fall under any rules and regulations placed forth by the Tribunal. My complaint is that the two of them have been depleting resources in other lands, against the rules of the Tribunal.

Proof is in the many images attached in this thread by nadrolski, samon and myself:

In Service,

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I think you somewhat missed my point esmaralda, tehre is no leader of the Tribunal. The Authority is all of us. The only one to file the complaint to is your fellow man/woman. We must gather as a whole, not individual lands. Not running to leaders or authority. To take action as a whole speaks more then Mur himself can. He himself would admit it any time. Thats where this community always falls short. It didn't used to be that way.

I would like to see it that way again. I hope perhaps you understand the point of saying lawsuit. I mean if you hate Eon that much, and Eon causes so much damage. Why have we yet to see the group? Mur has said it, i think thats why he is trying to make so many things group oriented. Everyone lost touch with the community and went to the Authority. BREAK FREE MY BROTHERS!!!

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Ahh, I see. I did misunderstand your point. Thanks for clarifying.

Btw, I don't hate Eon. I was simply trying to do something about the resource depletion. Since I had thought that the Tribunal had a leader that could take and enforce actions on its citizens, I decided to raise the complaint against Eon and No one since they are citizens of the Tribunal.

I am not sure I understand what you think the community could do about this however. Perhaps you could explain a little more? or maybe we can talk in person? =)

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Actually it's been discussed and the only realistic thing that can be done is to identify and disclose culprits/ try to trade ban them etc....No real harm for some, isn't it :-)
As for breaking free etc... well I fully agree with duxie

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I would love to talk more about it in person. I agree resource depletion is wrong 100%. It is why I try to take such a stand for it in my homeland. The cure to it is knowledge as a mass. Feel free to pm me here or in game. I love a good chat at the pub in the Tribunal. Or we can arrane somewhere else.

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To continue the gentle purpose of this topic, I spied Sharazhad over-harvesting memory stones within my borders today. I informed her of the generally accepted rules of harvesting resources, and we then had a short tour through Eon's new-to-him mansion while our (my!) tensions cooled. Now that she's been properly warned and educated, I deeply hope not to catch Sharazhad doing so again, else I worry at the implications for her fellow citizens of Loreroot.

To my fellow Easterners, some of you may disagree with me personally on some things but I hope we can all agree that our land should remain properly maintained and well guarded from ignorant outsiders or greedy opportunists and so I'll go forward under the assumption you all share my sentiments on this issue.

Belief or disbelief rests with you.

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