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I recall Mur talking about some items that can get you jailed, and this is what I eventually started to think about...

Hidden items are items that can only be viewed by you. These are items that can get you jailed if you are caught with them. It could be things like Nightshade or Nightshade Harvesting tools. Nightshade would be a resource that can be harvested in the underground, and if you DO deplete it, the message that says that you did still shows up. Also, when trading these items, it still says so in chat. This could kinda make a "black market" in MD.

To counter these hidden items will be a search warrant. The search warrant will be a shared item with limited uses. If someone with a search warrant does find that another person has hidden items, they can "mark" the items, making them detectable by all players. This "marking" would go away after a certain period of time... Say, after the next shared tools reset.

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Hmm. I like this idea.

How ever, if caught with them, what happens? Does the person suffer stat damage? Or something to that effect?

Smoking a Nightshade blunt could add positive effects to say combat, or ap counter. But if you get caught with it on you, you can suffer maybe perm stat loss?

Incredibly interesting idea with an entire plethora of ideas to go with it. :D

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What about various different punishments depending on the amount of illegal items you have. So, you you have like, 200 Nightshade and get caught with it, you can even get sent to jail the moment you are marked with it. Like a triggered effect... Or is that to much?

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We're going to set up drug racketeering? lol...
I think officially "allowing" or "encouraging" drug use (of even "pretend" drugs (nightshade is kinda real, but would kill ya irl)) would not go down well legally.
As an example; "My son started smoking weed because of the allowed social atmosphere of smoking drugs in this game" - That sort of thing would not end well methinks.

Other illegal items may not be so bad, depending on what they were, the concept is interesting, albeit risky and questionable.

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Credit for this idea goes to Ivorak Karovi:

Maybe if we could create a similar item but take away the drug connotations, like a magical rather than chemical substance.

Quicksilver: reduces viscosity to zero in all areas for a day. Afterwards you may be left with lead feet for a week or more, or until you take more quicksilver.


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I don't want to get into this, but I feel it's a valid point.

Many people pretend to have children, perform sexual acts IG, suck each others blood, violently attack each other, etc etc, but you're worried about Weed being a concern? O.o

Anyways, Nightshade has become a part of MD. Through MasterB and afew others who have claimed to smoke it for years :P

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Considering there's been previous for (video) games being blamed for violence (and I'm sure other things), I think it's a pertinent concern, yes. Drugs, though "commonly" used by a lot of people some point in their lives, are illegal. MD should not be seen to encourage illegal behaviour imo, not because it doesn't happen, but because if MD is seen to be doing so, it could receive legal action. I don't know about you, but personally I'd prefer not suggest risking that.

The things you note that go on, do, you're right, but they're not illegal, and it'd be a tough time (directly) linking people doing those, to people doing something illegal irl.

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I agree with Grido in that Mur has to maintain a certain standard within the game. Although the game is populated with a majority of adults, I believe that older players and the creator do a good job in keeping MD clean and friendly to people of all ages. Including questionable activities, like getting high off of nightshade may be crossing the line a little bit.

As for the sexual activity in-game, it is frowned upon. :P I don't think MasterB states what the effects of the nightshade are... it's not like he posts in the Mood Panel, "Oh, I'm tripping so hard right now." Anyways, I don't think that nightshade is a big deal, but maybe there are certain lines that we shouldn't cross that I'm not thinking of.

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[quote name='ChildOfTheSoul' timestamp='1328423274' post='103489']
So you're saying that Magic Duel should both advocate and frown upon the use of drugs and alcohol?

I'm saying that many things exist in game that you can do are frowned upon. For example, depleting resources. Now you can't get jailed for that, but my point remains.

Edit: And you would say nothing about my Purse Cutter tool idea? So MD can advocate stealing?

Edit number 2: It also doesn't even have to be a drug. It could be an ingredient for some sort of poison...

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I suppose you're right. I just don't feel like just because we have alcohol, sex, and death we should add theft and drugs. Honestly, I'm just playing devil's advocate here. I have nothing against adding ways to steal or have a black market. It would be pretty neat, but there might be a line somewhere that we shouldn't cross. Maybe just keep things light-hearted, I don't know...

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I'm not sure if it would work, but to try to counter the questionable legality of having these illegal items in game, once discovered, greater punishments could be issued against things that are more illegal in rl. Therefore, MD would only be able to be accused or reflecting rl.

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