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Unwarrented Warning from Council


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So, after having a little Silence spell war with Tepig, I get a warning, not sure who from (it was one of those hidden messages), but I can only assume it was from the Council.

You shouldnt be provoking tepig, consider this a warning. He specifically said he was going to "forget it"[/quote]

[color=#CCCCCC]Ann. 1161 - [2009-11-11 23:43:56 - Alpha 9][/color]
Silence spell changed a bit. Except the things you will notice yourself, the duration of the spell was increased to 6min, people silenced can't silence others and they can't cast spells. People under toad speak spell are also unable to silence others with the silence spell. The official situation of the silence spell is like this, people are allowed to use it anytime and for any reasons they want to, i will never put an official punishment for it, BUT, people are also allowed to use any kind of punishments they have the ability to do against those that do it, so basicaly you are on your own and you should assume responsability for silencing others.[/quote]

This announcement specifically states that there will never be an "official" punishment for using this spell.

I want to know why I was "warned" and to what end if this announcement specically says I can do it, but to be punished by other Players (Mur and Council are supposed to have the same Standard, so they shouldn't be conflicting with each other)

Is Council supposed to be interfering with little things like this?

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[i][color=#808080]you were warned not punished, so no harm done, right?[/color][/i]

"BUT, people are also allowed to use any kind of punishments they have the ability to do against those that do it"

[i][color=#808080]any council member doing any kind of punishment fits perfectly into the same announcement...[/color][/i]

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I personally agree that This matter is not something the council should be involving themselves in, specifically because of the way that announcement is stated.

And if it is a council member (singular) acting like this, then that person is not acting as part of the council and should not be useing council abilities, as they are abuseing them.

On the OTHER hand... If someone not council related reported the incident to the council, and the council then issued that warning, that is a very different matter. It would fit completely within the guidelines of the announcement (no static official punishment) and be a punishment within the person power to cause. The same could be said for if someone reported it to Mur.

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umm, doesnt have to be council although it looks like it, might be chew (since he posted already its not him me guess), grido, bfh, mur or even secret demi :D although me thinks that grido, bfh and mur wouldnt be usin this secretive method, and as for demi, idk he might have authorities for such thing, although me thinks he should had only role like supervision role, and not order enforcement one

just mentionin all possibilities.....

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It was not the council apparently, but someone who has access to an account that can send anonymous messages.

I got another letter from said person, but was asked not to post the letter as it contains some information to which they do not want others knowing.

They claimed it wasn't an official warning, and claimed it to be due to their lack of knowledge of the English language.

It certainly seems like it was supposed to be viewed as an official warning...

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Btw didn't Grido say that he will personally ban anyone messing with silence


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Still valid, I have the ability to ban, which I'm allowed to use (people may then complain, but meh, until that happens...), not many people use it too frequently since then thankfully - bit of an epidemic back then.

I can't send anon messages though, would kinda defeat the point of my warning someone. (Wasn't me, if that wasn't clear enough :P)

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