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Emerald Arcanix and I have worked out a deal regarding the return of the Knights of the Bell, wherein I will remain in the alliance offering my assistance where I can. I would ask that any concerned parties regarding this action speak with me by tomorrow, as I will be inviting Clock back into the alliance then.

I would like to, at this time, note that Rhaegar has been less than facilitating in these negotiations and were it not for the willingness to cooperate, in spite of the situation, that I have seen and heard from all other Marind Bell citizens, especially Emerald, this deal would likely not have happened at all. I congratulate Marind Bell in its capacity to deal with this, and hope for a better future.

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He probably did more good than bad by taking the alliance. Whether that was his intention or not, that remains to be seen.

But as of right now, the alliance leader was reminded how much the alliance meant to him, so he might be spurned into doing something with it again.

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[quote name='phantasm' timestamp='1336817803' post='111657']
maybe because he steals alliances, laughs at the people, and then makes them beg for it back? Then acts all high and mighty like he did them a favor for taking the alliance
Has anyone begged? I am certain that nobody from Marind Bell did. From CoE, all I wanted was a good solution, same thing I wanted from KoB. What did I get instead? Accusations, hatred, threats, etc. I expect anger, yes, but I also expect cooperation, and I admire the people of Marind Bell so much more because they gave it.

Also, it has been said to me, by Marind Bell citizens, that taking KoB was actually a good thing for it. It's not my business to say who, as people can be judgmental about such things and there are enough arguments already. So, bring on the flood of disagreements then, let's have a good old fashioned flame war in a topic that's meant to be happy, just because someone doesn't like me.

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You pick at Rhaegar for your own enjoyment and act as if you have morality on your side and expect people to bow their heads and offer you cooperation. Your actions caused the reaction, dont try to belittle it as if it is some sort of personal issue. You made this bed.

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Rhaegar has every right to be angry, that's not why I mentioned him. What has happened between us personally has no bearing on what I've said about him. My words mean exactly what they say, and that is this: Rhaegar has not helped the negotiations at all, and has, in fact, hampered them. I get no enjoyment from stating this, and I had hoped to gloss over it by writing it in such a way that it lead into something more positive, but I'll be selfish before I'm as petty as you'd like to think I am. I've been on both sides of the forum witch-hunt and I am not about to take a run at somebody just because I think it'll be funny.

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I wasn't planning to join this charade, but I seem to get brought up in ill-manner.

I'm not sure does Pip really believe what he's saying, or that he's just lying with agenda.
Since he took the alliance, I've been settling things to be the representative of Marind Bell in these negotiations, so we don't have chaos with people talking, cursing, offering unsynchronized.

From the very start he denied to answer my (polite and respectable) questions on why did he do that, what does he plan, what does he want. His answers were, "it is not important" and "surprise me" (with an offer).
Certain time went and I 'pursued him' on some chatting engines, trying again to see what can be done. I wasn't presenting offers, but I asked questions to see what does he want so we could possibly "meet on the halfway", or at least start walking the same direction.
Characteristic that applied on his part throughout conversations with me was utter arrogance, disdainful tone on maximum level. He seemed to barely have enough 'strength' to slip out any word at me, whether I was asking something or anything.

That "deal", that was made now, is the same deal that I was prepared to negotiate on the very start, but it seems that the problem was the Pip's expectation for someone to run around his tail and manifest the will to please him.

I shrugged and said to myself, well, we'll just have to do without KoB for some time, at least, we won't be getting it from Pip himself.

Some time passed and Emerald Arcanix tried to talk with Pip, and Pip seemed to like his style (similar thing was with Maebius earlier). It seemed something was possible with him, so I made Emerald and Maebius envoys of Marind Bell, to negotiate with Pip because I obviously couldn't.
Pip made it so that he did not deserve a conversation of any kind, but status of others was in question, KoBers lost their alliance and they should get their home back as soon as possible.
Maebius was off for the weekend so it fell to Emerald. There were some limits and ground terms on which we would accept KoB back into the fold with Pip's set of terms, and ground terms on which we wouldn't.

Here we are.

All respect I had for Pip long ago, vanished with this disgusting behavior.

All this effort to make Pipstickz the 'adviser' in KoB. Wasn't it possible for him just to approach with his concerns about the alliance and offer advice? He certainly wouldn't be spurned off.
Finally, what is the meaning of this topic? Like all of this is just one huge attention-getting project.

I didn't want to make it transparent to the realm what do we do in Marind Bell, it is really unnecessary, but because of this case I needed to make this post to prevent Pip from "filling in the gaps" with disinformation he wants you to have.
Yes Pip, you made a deal with us, you caught us off guard, touche, but that doesn't make us impotent to your insults. You really want to help KoB? Then mind your business, respect the word you gave to our people, and jump to that advising project.

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[quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' timestamp='1336896585' post='111727']
That "deal", that was made now, is the same deal that I was prepared to negotiate on the very start, but it seems that the problem was the Pip's expectation for someone to run around his tail and manifest the will to please him.
You offered it to me, I said I would consider it. Then you asked me whether I had loyalty to Marind Bell, and I said quite honestly that I did not. I still do not. You asked how I planned to make a deal without loyalty to Marind Bell, so I quite reasonably assumed you had no more intention of negotiating. The only thing from that conversation that was intended as offensive was "Enjoy your two 20 seat alliances, one of which is a guild", the rest were answers to your questions and nothing more. That was on the 27th of April, after which I heard relatively little until after I posted the forum status regarding the Shrine on 3rd of May. The deal was reached 7th of May, then you contacted me.

*All dates based on my time zone.

Edit: Doesn't matter now, anyways.

Edited by Pipstickz
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