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Petition: Return of the Children of the Eclipse

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I will be honest. I have not been active recently, but I was absolutely disgusted to log in and find that the once 30 member-strong alliance: The Children of the Eclipse, the thing that I and so many others had put so much effort into was disbanded...

Due to lack of members?

Was there not a request placed by Pipstickz to the Council to have the member count reduced so that it could be returned to us?

I have chosen to try one last time.. to give one last small effort toward regaining our alliance.

I petition that the Children of the Eclipse be returned once and for all to the members who worked so hard for it to be what it had been. Please post if you support this effort. I know it is a stretch, but I believe that there are those in the community who would want to see the Children of the Eclipse alliance revived and returned to it's founding members.

Please post if you support this effort.

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Having been like my esteemed brother in arms, Lucius Tarquinus, am one of the founding members of the alliance. Together we have seen many changes in the realm. Much has been uncovered through the efforts of the members of the Children of the Eclipse and many festivals enjoyed by the masses. Evolution is a strange thing and as we grow we see the world from a whole new angle.

The moon was once found and shone in a darkened landscape but, the code was lost in the sands and minds of a few now departed. The moon, though hidden to many has inspired a strong following as has been alluded to. We did not shrink from membership but were forcefully ejected and not permitted to return.

Instead we chose to stand tall for our faith and what we represented: respect, loyalty, ethics, honour and all that is good in people. I would throw my ancient weight behind this petition. Ever have we been steadfast to our faith and cause. The badge was but a symbol of our dedication. We shall continue, in anonymity if necessary as it was in the beginning, but would be all the better for being known in the realm.

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  • Root Admin

Provided something good actually comes of this, that being some form of visible action, i would support this.

I look at KoB and see some decent action going on with it at least internally at the moment.

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I think the CoE being disbanded for lack of members is one of the stupidest thing I've seen.
Stupid, as before the takeover they have more than enough member, and since when do you need a lot of team to takeover an alliance or risk it get disbanded?

Well, rant aside, I support this.

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I will have to agree here.
While the pure mechanics of "an alliance is removed if less than X members" in this case there was a takeover (which is not always a bad thing) but the spirit of the Alliance stays strong, and vocal, and active. Thus, the "alliance" in it's most true sense, still exists.
This is especially odd to me if there were petitions to "save it" by the one who has taken over Alliances. That, to me, showed CotE should remain in existence, particularly while other, older, Council requests go un-answered.

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  • Root Admin

Actually, as someone pointed out to me there have been no offical petitions to get the alliance back because of:

[quote name='Tarquinus' timestamp='1331459772' post='106285']
I have chosen to work toward regaining the CoE badge through in-game means - when I said I thought that if we couldn't regain the badge through merit, we didn't deserve to have it, I was not merely spewing rhetoric. But I feel that I can't let your posting about why you will continue to hold the CoE badge without making any real use of it go unanswered. You surely realize you have upset people and made the game less fun for more than one person. You must be aware that your posts, particularly the second one in which you admit that Poe made this remark to you "quite some time ago", make you seem vindictive, grudge-bearing, and judgmental.

It would be interesting to hear other CoE members views on this, i can only assume this has changed since amoran, who i believe is a senior CoE member, has started this pertition. However i know little of the inner CoE structure, so she might just be starting it on her own without permission. again this is just conjecture.

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