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Am i wrong?


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[quote name='Magistra' timestamp='1339333313' post='114262']
Why this endless talk about fighting? I thought this was a RP game.


RP alone would be boring..... There must always be variaty and MD provides it.

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Really depends on your expectation and definition of an RP game (aka RPG.)
For extreme examples there are freeform writing/chat game kind of RPGs, then there are stuff like console RPGs where combat is a very integral part (sometimes even the main part). MD is unique in that you can choose what to do here, fully RP only (though not free-form), or play the combat aspect only, or like most people do, experience and enjoy both aspects of the game.

If you think that one aspect is less important to MD to the other, though, then yes, I believe it's a mistaken perception.

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i dont understand wut are folks talkin about this, rp and fightin part of same thing

rp is fightin, fightin is rp, both in its own way, thing is ppl in here tend to focus mainly only on one aspect of game, and for them this one aspect of game is whole game, so yeah ty for stoppin by and enjoyin only 5% of whole game

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MD can be broken down and categorized, but the fact remains that everything is interconnected. Your questing affects your fighting through rewards, which might affect how you see yourself and therefore your role, which may give you access to certain information because of that role, which allows you to work on research, which gives you a greater knowledge base for quests, and so on. This is only one way that the facets of MD can be arranged and looked at, you should find what suits you, but that doesn't mean you need to stick to it if you change your mind.

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And old treatise on the many things to do in the realm.

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