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Joker requirement to buy in MD shop

MP3 and joker  

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I recently found that requirement to buy an joker in MD shop is

[spoiler]Joker Requirements Days:20 , Honor:1200 , XP:400000 [/spoiler]

experience cap for MP3 is


I think its not right, with that an MP3 cannot buy one

The joker is more an collection creature than an unbalancing fighting creature to powerful for MP3 level, so i dont see why there is that restriction

So i suggest the requirement for XP be lower than 200000

I made an pol and hope many would say ok to lower

and since its easy to make change that this change be implemented soon

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I'll probably regret this, but I guess I'll comment ( 0-0)

I'd like to think Tom has a point. Jokers are more collection creatures than fighting (at least to me), so I don't see an issue with lowering the heat requirement just a bit.

Then again, one isn't meant to stay at MP3 for long, so I don't know what to think exactly ( ._.)

Meh. Can't hurt to let MP3s have jokers I guess. Lower the heat requirement? ( o.O)

Edited by Fang Archbane
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if we try to think from a game creator point of view, there is a reason behind each game's mechanism. If we don't know for sure what is the intention of those limitations for mp3, i don't think it is wise to change them.

I will make a wild guess that those limitations are there in order to push players forwards. For example, if a player wants to obtain a joker, he must advance.

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