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Video Games Thread (other than MD)


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This thread will (hopefully) be used for the discussion of videogames (other than MD).


Stuff I play on a regular basis:

-DotA2 (I have two keys for any interested)

-League of Legends (i'm really bad at this one)

-Starcraft II: HotS (i'm in gold league despite having no skill)


What does everyone else play?

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well, since I married my lappy with milk coffee I don't play anything beside MD and facebook-time-eaters anymore :P

but if you want a recommendation for an awesome game here it is:

The Witcher

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

both are AWESOME! or BETTER! :D

especially the second one , where graphics is (obviously) better and gameplay is strongly affected by your choices (meaning you can play more than once and you'll find the plot differs greatly)

the only thing that some people might not like in these games is lack of multiplayer mode. Tho in second one there was something like an arena, but never got to test it... fired my lappy too soon... >>

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What do I play regularly?

Hmm, Minecraft, of course. (mostly with the kid on our teeny bukkit server)


and the original Starcarft+ Brood War.  (sadly, not the SC2 yet, need a better PC and $$)


otherwise, random casual games on sites like Armor Games when I need a 20-minute distraction.

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:O Didn't know we had Dwarf Fortress players here, one of the best roguelikes I've played. When I played recently in adventure mode, I was slashing through some bandits not taking damage. And then an archer like to fire an arrow at me, and I died instantly.


Besides that, I also like to play:

Battlefied 3


Fallout New Vegas


And some random games on the internet, only when I'm really bored.

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First of all, Bastion and Limbo are awesome, though I completed both, so don't play them to often nowadays.


Furthermore Reus is pretty cool and I've had a lot of fun playing Oblivion and Shogun 2.

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Actually... I'm secretly an elf. Don't burn me!


I also like to play various MUDs (Multi-user dungeons) although I've somewhat abandoned them lately for games with less grinding. I think I'm going to come back to them though. I've realized that just because going to x place to kill x things x number of times is the 'most efficient' way to level up, that doesn't mean that I have to do it. I could stay at level 1 for awhile if I wanted to. Or I could actually have fun while leveling up, even if it takes me a lot longer.


I also love roleplaying games, though they're not exactly video games. Sadly, not many of them involve tactical fighting skills, and so I often have to play two games to fulfill what I'd want in one.


I'm on an endless search for a game that allows for lots of creativity and customization, has no grinding or the grinding is optional, rewards intelligence, and is fun. So far the only games that I haven't abandoned after a short period of time include Magicduel and Go.

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Sid Meir's Civilization 3, Morrowind, Stronghold (Deluxe and Crusader)...

Those were the ones that kinda marked my gaming :D


Football Manager, PES (it was FIFA when I was younger)... x)


I must be forgetting something. Haven't played single player in a while because of my Ubuntu Laptop.

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Are you sure that you want an elf running a fort? Also, of course! I call the broker/manager/bookkeeper/'dwarf'(elf) that only does noble tasks. (No hauling!). A new thread should be started, of course.

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I play DotA 1 quite regularly, and random mix of other games (playing xenoblade chronicles with dolphin atm, and looking forward to the day I finally pick up that persona 3 FES again - got too sidetracked with others).

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