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Improvised REAL Rain Collector

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edit:  And Darn it,  I forgot the rule to put my player-name there!   Gah!!!   Oh noes...  Now to re-find the camera.  :/


PM'd you Mur...  

Copied here for others to amuse themselves with...  my model needs some work!

Dear Mur:

Hmm, my feeble attempts at two Rain Collector prototypes. The "portable hat" works really well, but it has not rained here in over 2 weeks, so I do not have a photo or video of them "in use" quite yet as we have not wanted to use the hose to 'waste' the water on a silly quest (read: my wife says "um, no") . Once Autumn comes around it will be much wetter, so I'll update the models.

First: a short youTube video of it, to show the whole setup.


Next, a few images.

While the green hose appears to loop "upwards" agaisnt gravity, that's an odd optical illusion I noticed after uploading them. The water flows down pretty easily, if I use a cup to pour in and test it. Couldn't get a good pictrure of that though, one-handed. I had to use the camera's "take a photo in 10 seconds" feature to even get these. [:)]



Showing the clear tape seal on the umbrella centre. The hose comes up and is split down the side to wrap 'around' teh central spike, and secured under it and above a small opening. When water fills the umbrella, there's a gap there that drains down into the split open hose (hard to see in the photo, sorry!!) and flows into the backpack, or wherever the hose leads.


Finally, a small portable rain collector Hat I made, from an old Samhain/Hahhloween Bowl. (the only one my wife would let me cut up and glue onto a hat LOL!)


The hat version only has a smaller tube, for drinking the cool fresh water directly. It can be adapted with a connecting tube (available for pennies!) to drain into a canteen or other small storage container. I'm sipping from it, in this picture.


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  • Root Admin

Rewarded the WP, plus this entry convinced me to offer a Rainwater Harvesting Umbrella item that you can use in realm to collect rain water :)

find me in game to give it to you


Congratulations for the awesome work

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Ann. 2723 - [2013-08-26 13:42:24 - Stage 12]
Rainwater Harvesting Umbrella
The harvesting umbrella is a personal (non shared, you own it to use or sell) rain collector item that you could receive if you build a really nice rain collector (see forum topic). I am open to suggestions for other things that could be built in order to be received as items.


If you accept real rainwater collectors, then I could show some pics (when I come back from holiday) with what I've build with my father this spring. But then the item would be to big for just one person.


Maybe we, as alliance or land, could build contraptions (with available resources) to collect water for specific purposes like

 - collecting water with water tools

 - water the herbs - regenerate herbs at every rain (extra regen from time to time)

 - build water dam / swamp - to prevent others from moving from a certain location for about 1-2 hours after each rain no matter what loyalty you might have.


Also, these contraptions would require some repairing every week like 5-10% or the resources used for build depending on the amount. And it would not degrade more then 50%.



Anyway, I will not be able to post pics within the next 2-3 weeks.

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  • Root Admin

item should be done specifically for this quest. So one option would be to make pictures of it again, with the md playername and year written next to it (see how maebius did)..and i will pretend i don't know it was not done specifically :P This rain collector quest is for a rain collector as the one in the initial image, not for other variations.


Water collecting items are too simple to make, what would you improvise, a bucket? :) There might be other inventive things to do for some sorts of water available in the realm...but i can;t imagine what they should be, thats your task to do.


I will answer all questions about if an item is fit for such a purpose, wait for such an answer and to a dedicated topic about that sort of item, don't just start doing all sorts of items then assume you will get them in realm (wanted to be clear about that part)



Also, if i remember right (i might be wrong, not sure what chewy did), there is no option to put damage on items yet.

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  • Root Admin

Yes yes, sorry i missed this point, All that finished this quest so far will receive such an item too, meet me in game to receive yours. Thanks for reminding me.

Please post pictures of yours also on this topic (you can blur face or anything you consider if you believe its needed, ofc, but i want the proof that the collector exists to be public, and an example to others that IT IS possible :) )

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So my try. Was was waiting for strong enough rain since beginning of august as such system wont really work in light rain. Also you know it wont keep you very dry :)

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If it's anything like Shem & I, you'll need to track down Mur in-game some time and pester him personally there, as directed.  I tried a PM@Mur as well, and was sent in-game, then POOF it appeared when I followed his footsteps to the scene and ''Reminded' him.   :)

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If it's anything like Shem & I, you'll need to track down Mur in-game some time and pester him personally there, as directed.  I tried a PM@Mur as well, and was sent in-game, then POOF it appeared when I followed his footsteps to the scene and ''Reminded' him.   :)


That would be very unlike me.

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I've managed to make a small rain collector (and even test it). It also has an additional feature: it FILTERS the water.
Find below the pics (as usual, baaad quality - maybe I'll get nicer ones during the week-end):
1) Parts of the collector:
2) The filter contains (from top to bottom - don't forget that what you see as top is actually the bottom): cheese cloth, small pebbles, cheese cloth, bigger pebbles:
3) Partially assembled:
4)Fully assembled:
And the movie:


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Hey guys, 


I finally did it. :)) It was hard to video tape it myself without messing up my phone so I hope the pics are enough. l would like the first option of a wishpoint and permanent rain collector.



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