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The Cow - sacred animal

Muratus del Mur

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  • Root Admin

I am proclaiming the Cow as sacred animal in the East Lands :D:D:D

From now on calling any tb citizen a cow (or coresponding male word, that i can't find right now), is not to be considered an insult, but a compliment :D


Like any other king rules and proclamations, this is only valid while I rule the East


ps: On a larger scale, it would be interesting to see other land leaders pick their own preferred animals..afterall it is in their power to do such things if they want to. Also, any such thing would only be valid while that person rules that land (allowing cults and groups to form around this)


ps2. at some point i will draw a cow statue, unless a loyal citizen provides one i will _really_ like, then i will cover him in gold

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  • Root Admin

Aaaannnnd i declare dst "land enemy" for insulting our sacred symbols!


(the other lands have creatures that are more representative for them, but those are not set so by a king, Ofc there is no need for an other creature if the land already has one, but in my case the east lands had none, and i prefer the cow..simple as that

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@Mur: can I make a suggestion. Wouldn't it better to have as favorite animal The Deer (or a more familiar The Dear ;) ) instead of The Cow ?


I don't want LotE be considered as part of the Hinduism ? I don't want to bring RL religion & beliefs into MD and especially into LotE.

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Although with a heavy hurt, I agree in that case with dst. I think good idea is ... octopus, very intelligent species. Because of that player can even "satisfy" his ago and feel attachment with it.


Below you can see octopus in his natural desert environment.



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Cows have been sacred creatures in many religions not only Hinduism, they are the sacred animal of Apollo in Ancient Greek beliefs, for example. I see no reason why it is necessary to pick an animal devoid of all connotations, for it will only have such connotations for the small amount of people who know about them 

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  • Root Admin

ignoring rl religions means you also should not avoid them on purpose, the cow has a personal reason, nothing to do with hinduism, so why should i avoid it? there is no hinduism in md officially and i as a ruler of one land i adopt it as my avatar animal, because i can.


leave dear for LR


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