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Death in real life is punished drastically because,
as far as we know, thats it. End game. You took a
life. But here in MD, we dont take anything upon a
murder. Matter of fact, we let you explore without ones
normal bodily limits. That aside, one can always revive. A choice not available in real life.
Yes, please judge me on what ive said in the past,
why look at who ive become at all, that would
be madness, moving forward, who does that??? Edit: My point is simple. Killing in MD is meant to
be an adventure. Why jail me if i just payed for
your mandatory cruise trip around the world? Edited by Fang Archbane, 01 September 2013 - 11:31 PM.

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There is a vast range of points-of-view, that you seem to be missing, Fang. But I'll try to add them later, hopefully  time will let me to do so.

Why would you waste your energy trying to explain something he doesn't want to understand? Imo, you can use that energy better. You can knit a sock, jump in one leg, roll over, ANYTHING BUT explaining things to fang.

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Fang, be careful. As much as I know Eon, even he has a limit.


But I have no doubt that if he has a contract and you are in his way ... well ... he is good at removing the obstacles.



Just let me know when you plan to start to prepare the popcorn ;)

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  • Root Admin

I've been away for a while so I'm not sure... but is there a way to semi-permanently lock someone in place? Won't jump/chase/teleport spells and all that circumvent that easily?

Nothing has changed Udgard, Fang merely thinks he could do what he says.
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The name of the topic "United We Stand" is VERY misleading. I ACTUALLY assumed before reading this, you had more than yourself and one other person... Silly me. Of course, I guess I forgot to read the author of the topic... That would have killed the assumption right away.


Now to prevent this from becoming "spam"... 



After that... and god forbid if Necro wants to get involved... ill swat them aside, and anyone else that stands in my way, like flies.


Are you really so foolish to believe that YOU and Ledah are enough to, if we even cared to, defeat ALL of Necro and Eon? This is, of course, assuming Necro would get involved in such a childish charade. You'd have to be daft to think we are powerless. 

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The goal is simple.

We are to hold Eon hostage. Bail comes at his killing items.

We will lock Eon in place, unable to fight, move, do ANYTHING, until our ridiculous needs are met.

He cant pay his way out. He cant barter his way out. Ill stay in MP7 and spam spells all day if i have to, and all night, but Eon will learn his lesson.

The only way Eon will be set free is if i run out of spell stones or he hands over all Killing items he owns.

So...if someone silvertongues you?

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