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Help Rophs sail West


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My character Rophs currently has many goals, one of the largest being sailing west to find the landmass that is located there. Rophs thinks that although freeing the Empty Aramors would be an interesting event that it would be wiser to learn WHY thery came, WHERE they came from, and WHO sent them. He wants to sail west to wherever the Empty Aramors are from and then possibly free the Empty Aramors.


Goals related to sailing west

If you would like to help Rophs sail west then it would probably be a good idea to follow him.


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The Empty Aramors sailed to Golemus from somewhere located to the west. My character's goal is to find that place. Rophs would like to find out a few things about the Empty Aramors


WHY they came, WHERE they came from, and WHO sent them.


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There doesn't need to be land to the west for a ship to come from the west.


Are you saying that the ship could have circled around Golemus Golemicarum?  (I don't think that's what that language means.  From could be a guess based on observation, but I think it's more likely that 'from' indicates origin.  I could be wrong.)  Or are you suggesting that it's possible that the ship had a non-terrestrial origin?


Either way, I support exploration.  Rophs, in my old age I'm not as sprite as I used to be, so I likely won't be joining you in on the high seas, but I might consider sponsoring an expedition in return for a share of potential spoils.  Come talk to me when you need funds.

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Ann. 772 - [2009-03-29 16:43:50 - Alpha 8] Posted By Muratus del Mur
Ship arrived at Golemus shore, 100 Empty Aramors invaded golemus, the few golemus people panic at the sight of these ...things. For now they do not fight back but something strange is going on with them. They fight if attacked and show signs of activity from time to time. Ship is still unloading....


Ann. 773 - [2009-03-30 12:52:11 - Alpha 8] Posted By Muratus del Mur
Ship finished to unload, last thing to come out of it is however not a creature, but more about this tiny detail some other time. Empty Aramors started to adapt and morph (AI upgrades in progress), once this process is ready, training dummies (npc) will be available to controll by future factions and at MP3 stage. Implementation of RPC controlled npc mobs for quests will be also an option in future updates. Players in GG are required not to attack all aramors so that they can epxerience their new abilities once these are ready. Aramors once defeated will no longer be attackable.

I'm only saying that the information available doesn't indicate an origin at all, and therefore a landmass shouldn't be assumed outright, unless there's something I'm missing?

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 Be careful not to fall of the edge of the world. That being said, I would love to see the world beyond the realm of MD.


Also there are documents saying the ship actually rose out of the sea, instead of coming from the far west: http://md-archives.com/articles/the-golemus-invasion-and-resulting-infection.html

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that picture was bigger I think... also.. there was a close up... that would show any evidence of land mass.

Yes, I have looked for the pictures before, but this was the best I could find. Someone else may still have the originals.
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well, seeing as how it is of little importance to me whether there truly is a landmass out west or if the ship went around GG or how and where and what about aramors and mostly, I just like Rophs and think this sounds fun, I'm following.


Or is it considered stalking?


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Bump, more thought and effort currently being directed towards this project.


edit: Fleshing out what size of crew and what jobs the crew would have to fulfill.


edit: YAHARR!



Rophs is going to need a crew!

  • A cook to prepare food for the seafaring exploring party
  • A lookout to search for the Western Continent
  • A diplomat to negotiate with the people of the west
  • Three crew-hands to ensure we keep on sailing onward
  • Six total brave souls willing to risk their lives for exploration and adventure!

You can expect contest(s) to earn yourself a spot on the crew to be ready within a week or so and then deployed after the census is completed.

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