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Ann. 3010 - [2014-04-30 13:48:33 - Stage 12] - MD Auction


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We are thinking of organizing an auction for rare creatures and items so we are looking for ideas. What would you would like to buy?
Please consider posting ideas of already existing functions for items (new functions will be unlikely to be implemented, unless they are very good) and for creatures that are not bugged (like the collored elu).
The currency to be used: Silver Coins and Gold Coins. 
Ideas should be posted on the forum in a dedicated thread. Please open one.
Just a thread for people to post ideas and stuff :)
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Independent memory stone detector

independent  water bucket (something that gathers Water)

Send to fountain of the lost path (regenable casts)

send to deathmarrow (regenable)

Custom item crafted (my bear as an item)

Summon (any target to my location) (regenable casts)

Chase (regenable casts)




EDIT: because i was supposed to list what i would personally buy, not just ideas about stuff that could be sold.

EDIT: Again to be more specific

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I guess lots of "standard" rare stuff will be mentioned that I would like to buy as well, but I'll go into something specific:


Savelite Ritual Knife (it is currently in either Mur's either in some admin alt account's posession) - I wouldn't mind it becoming a kill item, since we're at it;



Other stuff:


Independent Necrovion pass papers;

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I would buy


Independent Resource Collectors

Rare Creatures

Unique Items with an actual use


I think I misunderstood something ... 


Independent Water Collector

Independent Memory Stone Collector

Revival Item

Creatures: Shade & Darkling & Tainted

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Independent Aprentice Lumber Saw
Independent Aprentice lumber Axe
Independent foison fang
Infdependent Revival item

Tainted Anggien

Send to GOE
Send to Land of the East
Send To MDA
Send to necro
Send to Loreroot


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      ·        Send to GoE;

      ·        Send to Lighthouse;

      ·        Send to GoC;

      ·        Morphs;

      ·        Unreleased creatures that I haven't got;

      ·        Skilldamage;

      ·        Revival item;

      ·        Kill item;

      ·        Open Necro;

      ·        Teleport into East Land;

      ·        Access to secret places;

      ·        Summon spells;

      ·        Illusions;

      ·        Indipendent items;

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      ·        Unreleased creatures that I haven't got;

      ·        Access to secret places;

      ·        Summon spells;

      ·        Indipendent items;



I LOVE the above ones. They are soooo specific! 

And yes, we all know the unreleased creatures you don't have. Same for Access to secret places. There are tons of secret places. We don't even know what they are because they are...you know...secret.

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Want to buy:

a kill tool

Lock in trial of agony spell

summon spell (permanent casts)

chase spell (permanent casts)

open necro (permanent casts)

send to deathwhisper (permanent casts)

random AP generating tool ( >:3)

Independant wiiya collecting tool


permanent casts of turntofrog

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Things Assira the Black would buy:

Belly Dancing outfit that had invisible spell or ghost ability (regenerated uses)

To fix her pendant and use its ability (I think that pendant had a specific purpose), so more or less get the missing stone to fix it.

A bracelet that when I activate its ability *action chat* becomes a different color than the standard blue (regenerated uses)


Things StrongWilled Legna would buy:

Tiny, the giant rat pet (not really an item but it does not really fall under anything else)

Set of markers that when used on someone it does a random action ( affect speech, random ap, makes their battling creatures appear as a purple fog... I am not sure :P running out of ideas for random actions that could happen)

A piece of drawing paper or sketch book that allows her to look at past events/chat logs on specific days.


So another words things I would be interested in buying mainly deals with furthering a role or add some sort of finishing touches to it.

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Things I would like to buy:


(Existing Items/Spell)
Independent Candybox

LockInChaos Spell (regenerable)

Revival Item (permanent use)

Independent Memory Stone Detector

Curse Spell (regenerable)


(Yet-To-Exist, but I believe the functionality exists)

An item that can temporary raise briskness stat by 1k for 10mins, cooldown 40mins, permanent use. (not quite sure if the numbers are "balanced". Suggesting this because I would like something to help with heat gathering.)

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things I would definitely consider to buy, if available on the auction:



creatures: Darkling, tainted angien


regenerable spells: lock in chaos, opennecro, accoustic remains


items: killing item, independent reality coagulator



Also a suggestion: would be nice if you made the list of the things you decided upon and crafted public some time before the auction itself, so that we can decide on our priorities.


thank you.

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