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Fun. Whether that fun comes from social interaction, brain work or pounding (virtually) an enemy to a pulp.

What makes a game more fun for me, usually? Getting to know the community (or getting in a community like a Guild) and meeting people.

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Escape, sometimes for a story. A splash of competition sometimes or to just do crazy stuff with friends. A way to tune in or out of whatever is going on in busy real life and get my mood back onto something I can work with.


Games give me a way to be distracted and in the generally comfy, not productive zone but with thinking unlike the also comfy nonthinking distraction I find when I practice whittling.

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playing games is a very important part of us. Games play crucial role in our development. since we start realizing ourselves as a human being, in a very early age we start playing games. For children games are the way to explore the world and to learn. And it doesnt end when we grow up. New aspects are being added to the game playing, most of them mentioned before...fun, escape from reality, relaxation etc. But games most important function - exploration, learning and development still stays. Sometimes we think we don't learn anything new, but this is an illusion. Our brain can not NOT learn and games contribute a lot to it :)

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I play games to challenge myself, explore new things, think in different ways, and to interact with others that I would not normally cross paths with.


Most games I get bored with quickly. It will hold my attention for a little bit, but then it stops holding my interest.


There have only been two games that have held my attention for longer than a few months. One was BattleMagica (the game died, I was one of the few left logging in occasionally but now the site is down) and the other is this one, MD.

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I play for multiple reasons:

  • to have arguments that go around in circles.
  • to wave my money in people's faces.
  • to be hated throughout cyberspace.
  • to show that everyone is inferior to me.
  • to have an excuse to be online and shop for shoes.

Isn't this why everyone plays...?

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"My friend advice me this site . He says that this site is very good for pickuping girls"


I doubt anyone will get the reference though :(


I remember that one from grido's signature part: LHO questions or something :))

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What do you play a game for?

If its for enjoyment, which feature of gaming adds to your enjoyment?

This is not about md in particular. Game could be a board game, an outdoor game, a mind game, a videogame anything.


The story/lore of the game.

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It is a very unique experience. Its one giant puzzle and the community is pretty active. I don't do any role playing, but the role players add a lot of depth. The story is good, and the artwork is good too.

I quit for a couple years, because I was stuck and couldn't fully appreciate the challenge and it drew me back. That time I was able to figure it out. I am back again and maybe I can make it into loreroot this time.

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