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Character age appearances

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  • Root Admin

This is a strange ideea, one nearly impossible to do i would say, but ..here it is..doesn't matter "how" i got this to work, it matters how well it fits :D

In fact i will give a puzzle solver medal to who manages to create a formula based on the given data (active/total days), that will generate very similar or identical results. I am not expecting you to use the same method i did, but to create one that gives similar results.

If a MD inhabitant would have an average life expectancy of about 90-100yrs , this is how old the characters should seem if compared to eachother as inhabitants of a separate world living their own separate life.

It is a very complex algorithm behind these calculations. I put the life expectancy a bit higher from the official 70-80yrs of humans because the results looked depressingly REAL using those settings :)))), and i find it more useful and interesting to have higher ages for characters than for humans. Its depressing to think that someone might die around 75yrs, but its nicer to thing someone is 90+yrs old and just a senior person , or even a wise old living being, and not already a potential corpse.Over the years, if this value remains calculated the same as i did it now, its possible to see people exceeding 100yrs, and by then they will indeed seem like living fossils in the md world. The "life"of a character is entirely depending up to you as a person, but from my experience so far, except the all-time exceptions, most regular players should finish their md experience about a character life estimated like in these values. We exclude here the accidents and talk just about old-age death, even if md is a dengerous place and the majority of characters end their life due to accidents or illness (of the soul or mind)


So remember i reserved a honorific place for the senior citizens and allowed them to have higher ages than humans generally might while still able to run quite vigorously around the realm..this is so in order to keep the beauty of an imaginary world.

Please let me know, do these values fit with your opinion of how old that character might be or not?

(possible issues, at low day counts, the age look suspicious)

Character Years / Raw & growth Real days
Akasha 87/90 (x2.9) Yrs 2913/3312
Muratus del Mur 77/85 (x2.7) Yrs 2575/3229
Chewett 82/88 (x2.8) Yrs 3072/3153
Vilinec 80/86 (x2.8) Yrs 2836/3144
Ledah 72/83 (x2.6) Yrs 2573/3133
*Grido* 80/86 (x2.8) Yrs 2909/3114
Metal Bunny 80/86 (x2.8) Yrs 2911/3090
Caela 30/59 (x1.5) Yrs 54/3082
dst 80/86 (x2.8) Yrs 2980/3062
Jesus Faction 72/83 (x2.6) Yrs 2660/3061
Marvolo 61/76 (x2.4) Yrs 1907/3061
Demo Account 61/76 (x2.4) Yrs 2121/2990
Venger 36/63 (x1.7) Yrs 700/2981
No one 71/82 (x2.6) Yrs 2796/2980
gaconkzk 30/59 (x1.5) Yrs 393/2956
gacontnt 27/58 (x1.4) Yrs 222/2952
blackrider 30/59 (x1.5) Yrs 409/2943
EvilShinchan06 53/72 (x2.2) Yrs 1795/2924
Ivorak 67/80 (x2.5) Yrs 2707/2914
BloodPrince 42/67 (x1.9) Yrs 1248/2913
Karak 42/67 (x1.9) Yrs 1267/2904
Junior 63/79 (x2.4) Yrs 2618/2897
Remigio 27/57 (x1.4) Yrs 241/2895
dead06 27/58 (x1.4) Yrs 400/2890
Leixer 63/79 (x2.4) Yrs 2569/2887
stormrunner 33/62 (x1.6) Yrs 826/2886
CrazyMike 67/80 (x2.5) Yrs 2698/2884
Shadowseeker 62/77 (x2.4) Yrs 2391/2880
*Burns* 68/81 (x2.5) Yrs 2859/2875
Jubaris 63/79 (x2.4) Yrs 2648/2856
Lightsage 45/68 (x2) Yrs 1507/2854
Zleiphneir 56/73 (x2.3) Yrs 2080/2820
Jester 42/66 (x1.9) Yrs 1342/2819
Esmerelda 24/55 (x1.3) Yrs 226/2812
MRWander 30/60 (x1.5) Yrs 731/2807
SubZeroo 30/59 (x1.5) Yrs 712/2795
Granos 30/60 (x1.5) Yrs 760/2794
Aeoshattr 45/68 (x2) Yrs 1612/2793
samon 52/71 (x2.2) Yrs 2001/2787
everyone 49/70 (x2.1) Yrs 1902/2751
Mystic 36/64 (x1.7) Yrs 1298/2744
Kyphis 61/76 (x2.4) Yrs 2553/2742
Aranna 52/71 (x2.2) Yrs 2024/2740
Clock Master 62/77 (x2.4) Yrs 2655/2740
Conc 33/61 (x1.6) Yrs 1026/2737
anonymous letter 49/70 (x2.1) Yrs 1936/2733
Juni0r 23/52 (x1.3) Yrs 80/2726
Lady Renata 24/56 (x1.3) Yrs 499/2723
tacitamuta 42/67 (x1.9) Yrs 1666/2721
Sir Blut 33/61 (x1.6) Yrs 1137/2696
MRF 27/58 (x1.4) Yrs 741/2695
Lord Corg 23/54 (x1.3) Yrs 311/2689
MRWanderer 27/57 (x1.4) Yrs 685/2688
sanddemon 24/55 (x1.3) Yrs 507/2688
Lone Wolf 36/63 (x1.7) Yrs 1328/2685
Falsh Nubrigar 46/69 (x2) Yrs 2067/2650
*Nimrodel* 45/68 (x2) Yrs 1962/2648
Rikstar 30/59 (x1.5) Yrs 985/2647
Neno Veliki 57/74 (x2.3) Yrs 2572/2639
MRAlyon 57/74 (x2.3) Yrs 2614/2629
Handy Pockets 39/65 (x1.8) Yrs 1677/2627
Masked Figure 76022 39/65 (x1.8) Yrs 1699/2627
phantasm 49/70 (x2.1) Yrs 2154/2621
Assira the Black 30/59 (x1.5) Yrs 1056/2598
Blackwood Forest 24/55 (x1.3) Yrs 668/2593
Shemhazaj 46/69 (x2) Yrs 2149/2584
Death Ray 24/55 (x1.3) Yrs 781/2550
Vrag 23/52 (x1.3) Yrs 488/2493
nadrolski 45/68 (x2) Yrs 2341/2432
Arazun 21/46 (x1.4) Yrs 119/2408
Sephirah Caelum 30/60 (x1.5) Yrs 1571/2403
Edgra 33/61 (x1.6) Yrs 1817/2349
*Miq* 42/66 (x1.9) Yrs 2281/2346
Illyria 21/46 (x1.4) Yrs 205/2334
BFH the WHITE 30/59 (x1.5) Yrs 1652/2323
Ophiel 22/44 (x1.5) Yrs 47/2292
Sajura Oninay 30/59 (x1.5) Yrs 1716/2284
JadenDew 24/56 (x1.3) Yrs 1346/2276
chirobitz 22/44 (x1.5) Yrs 128/2256
emanis 21/46 (x1.4) Yrs 466/2213
darkraptor 30/59 (x1.5) Yrs 1953/2162
Esmaralda 23/53 (x1.3) Yrs 1338/2133
Ryan Delphus 23/52 (x1.3) Yrs 1256/2112
*Sunfire* 27/58 (x1.4) Yrs 1983/2112
VonUngernSternberg 22/48 (x1.4) Yrs 884/2094
Ant King 22/43 (x1.5) Yrs 410/2078
Yala Sviseusen 22/44 (x1.5) Yrs 510/2075
Ars Alchemy 23/50 (x1.4) Yrs 1139/2070
Azull 27/58 (x1.4) Yrs 2053/2058
Fire Starter 27/57 (x1.4) Yrs 1923/2056
Menhir 27/57 (x1.4) Yrs 1996/2054
Lintara 27/57 (x1.4) Yrs 1974/2053
AmberRune 27/58 (x1.4) Yrs 2004/2053
Draconas 22/47 (x1.4) Yrs 997/2006
Falronn 22/47 (x1.4) Yrs 1001/1974
Trola 22/39 (x1.7) Yrs 215/1973
Shammus 22/41 (x1.6) Yrs 463/1964
Maebius 23/49 (x1.4) Yrs 1274/1956
Kiley 23/52 (x1.3) Yrs 1665/1941
Fang Archbane 23/45 (x1.5) Yrs 971/1881
Tal 22/48 (x1.4) Yrs 1388/1876
zoolii 21/35 (x1.8) Yrs 44/1862
Ganesha 21/40 (x1.6) Yrs 661/1805
lashtal 23/50 (x1.4) Yrs 1681/1790
nad in the box 22/47 (x1.4) Yrs 1478/1760
asquiffy 22/48 (x1.4) Yrs 1687/1711
Guardian of Root 346ad 22/41 (x1.6) Yrs 987/1672
Mallos 22/43 (x1.5) Yrs 1254/1661
Antyvas 21/46 (x1.4) Yrs 1614/1636
gonzalocsdf 21/42 (x1.5) Yrs 1192/1627
Change 21/40 (x1.6) Yrs 1096/1577
Xolotl 327/327 (x3) Yrs 862/16923
Coyolxauhqui 22/33 (x2) Yrs 689/1407
Dark Demon 22/38 (x1.7) Yrs 1248/1397
Eara Meraia 22/36 (x1.8) Yrs 1032/1379
Haustorium 18/26 (x2.1) Yrs 59/1356
Time Patrol 21/32 (x2) Yrs 646/1354
*Syrian* 23/34 (x2) Yrs 1206/1205
Dan Planewalker 22/31 (x2.1) Yrs 913/1185
sysy 18/24 (x2.2) Yrs 195/1177
Koshu Farsight 18/25 (x2.2) Yrs 376/1152
Eleyne 19/27 (x2.1) Yrs 642/1120
Valoryn 21/32 (x2) Yrs 1122/1120
Syri 16/22 (x2.2) Yrs 139/1111
Xanya 18/24 (x2.2) Yrs 310/1103
Rophs 21/30 (x2.1) Yrs 1037/1099
zooliii 15/20 (x2.3) Yrs 101/1035
Lania 20/28 (x2.1) Yrs 940/1010
Ungod 18/25 (x2.2) Yrs 858/884
blackshade rider 12/15 (x2.4) Yrs 524/561
MaGoHi 11/14 (x2.4) Yrs 490/498
Dark Harvester 8/9 (x2.6) Yrs 71/454
Aethon 9/10 (x2.6) Yrs 302/377
Caddeus J Rubros 7/7 (x2.8) Yrs 4/359
She of Stars 7/8 (x2.7) Yrs 134/353
klawdees 8/9 (x2.6) Yrs 306/346
Wideberth 8/9 (x2.6) Yrs 302/333
George Petrov 7/8 (x2.7) Yrs 228/311
Laurence Gardener 7/7 (x2.8) Yrs 109/308
Merry 5/4 (x4) Yrs 27/177
Mariana 5/4 (x4) Yrs 41/177
Sirix the black robot 3/2 (x4.5) Yrs 80/84
Tear Oaths 2/1 (x5) Yrs 24/23
maggieramon 0/0 (x5) Yrs 6/14


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added the data
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1 hour ago, Muratus del Mur said:

Xolotl 327/327 (x3) Yrs 862/16923

I like that one, i suspect a typo in the total days count, but it's a cool result :))

And i bet you put a hack in your algorithm so you'd be younger than dst, Grido and Chewie :P

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I kinda like the idea, but if I may, I have a suggestion:

In my opinion, I think it should be named 'true' age, rather than 'apparent' age. Mostly because to some roleplayers, their apparent age is key to their role (examples: Syrian, StrongWilled Legna). So they may appear much younger than they actually are. 

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  • Root Admin

Yeah there is an error with the filtering i used, so ignore the long dead accounts that are on that list or account with weird number of days, they don't belong to actual players so its ok.

Anyway, do i hear just opinions in favor of implementing such a thing? Anyone has something to say about why not to use? If no argumwnts against, i migh add this info to the profile page tonight.


I was very curious to know if you think these ages are fitted for their characters. Can you imagine these characters to have this age? What about yours?


I think i will make a poll. I cand adjust the calculations also after integrwting this so its no problem

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  • Root Admin

Please consider that you can't be part of a new world and expect to play a role of someone much much older in that world 


I could also slightly change the calculations and hide the results. If this gets officially implemented as a property of your character i will use it ..this will be the age i will consider you have... This might affect many things ..from applying rules..or givibg our roles..and much more


Update..i cand find how to make a poll on phone interface...so i will just base my decision on your comments for now

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In my case only, I don't really picture Aeo as 45... but I honestly can't picture any age for Aeo since he's so many-faced. 

Again, however, I'd name it "True Age" or something along those lines, not "Apparent", since people might be a certain age but look older/younger. This True Age would perhaps reflect  their maturity and affinity for the game and the game's world (in other words, just how much they are a part of MD, rather than the way they look).

Now I'm actually slightly conflicted... maybe I play Aeo as looking 30-ish, but he's actually 'mature' enough to be 45... Mur now I don't know anymore! HALP.

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38 minutes ago, Muratus del Mur said:

Please consider that you can't be part of a new world and expect to play a role of someone much much older in that world 


while one aspect of her character is displayed as being older, maybe..mid 30s, if you take from her back story, the back story isnt so much about what happened before MD (even though it reads as such) its a timeless extract of memory, its not something that even truly existed, much like how there was never ancient lore for MD but its still written, her back story of that part of her is also like ancient lore, its a story about what happened before, it has its points and parallels and its something that "must" have happened to explain the way that she works within the confines of MD, that back story has no bearing on who she is or any of her personalities or any of the reasons why she is like that on her deepest levels of character, which extends above MD and across game borders into real life, one aspect of her manifests as an adult, another a child, but one is younger than 23 and the other is much older in how they present themselves, saying that she's "actually 23" doesn't work as her age isn't exactly real to begin with. 

MD itself is timeless, the people in it also can be if they choose, if they play a character then that character is also "frozen" in time unless that player decides to actively age them, having MD tell them how old they are is counter productive to this point and doesn't fit in with how things are, people used to tell me that "oh, youre a teenager now because you aged with being in MD 1 year" well no, because it doesnt work like that, we are spirits, we are whatever we define ourselves as and that also extends to our ages 


edit: added extra and fixed typos

Edited by Syrian
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I refuse to believe (no idea if it's the proper word or not) that I am 80. I don't like being 80 not even in a game. I don't like thinking of people's age. One of the things that made me "function" in MD was the fact that  I never knew the age of the players (except by finding it by mistake because I have NEVER searched for it). I am biased when it comes to age.

For example I knew king bull was over 50 so every time he did something "young" I would roll my eyes. Or when I found ledah was 10 or 12 I start not taking him seriously (even more that I was at that point). Same with Juba. I knew his age so I treated him like a dumb, full of hormones adolescent. And so on.

I mean I know it's not the real age but deep inside I might start treating people differently.We are so used with age as a concept that it will be difficult to adapt to the new concept. Especially since they have the same name. But I don't think a "name change" will help.  Active days is a thing. But translating that (or the total days) into years is not something I like. I cannot give a very argument-ed answer but at the very moment I don't like the whole idea. Imo we should aim to be young and not old.

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As a serious reply, I think this 'formula' has a problem with extreme old and extreme young. Nobody is 8 and nobody is 80..

If you want my personal opinion on DD's age, well it might be a coincidence that I never wondered how old DD might be, but now that I see 22, I am not very shocked to be honest (I have no protests against it). "Indifferent" is the proper word I guess. I never really pay attention to age when there's no need to.

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Hm... I wonder why I'm 15 years older than Sunfire while we're only only 18 AD apart. Well, I assume it's because of my hiatus when I was still a few AD old, but it does feel odd. That being said Samon did go through a sort of midlife crisis a while back... Maybe that's why he started killing people in Necrovion :P


Other than that instead of age appearance I'd rather call it something along the lines of experience. I don't think it is something that should be forced upon a character for rp, but it could be interesting for other purposes.

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Hmm... I do not like the idea of age being manditory. StrongWilled Legna is a child of time and I have it where she does not age past 10 years old. She will be forever 10 and locked in childhood. Assira, I have be the same age as myself(if I remember to update the age in the papers), there are reasons why I have these characters this way. honestly if this is manditory in its implementation, I will ignore it. Because to acknowledgr it or go by it, would destroy/change apart of my characters. 

I think otherwise it is neat and interesting results. 

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16 minutes ago, Aethon said:

I'd be 9...does that mean I can get away with Murder? :D

Even if you hear an answer to this, in practice things might be different...perhaps you will have to try it out, in order to properly document and chronicle the change...


e: you might need to find someone willing to give a child a deadly weapon

Edited by klatdees
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