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Lists, a list for everything!


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So while I was I was sorting some things out I stole had a great idea.

What some people don't (or maybe they do as I did mention it a couple times) know is that MD actually keeps track of a number of stats to track players "activity". Actually, the list of actions needed to count activity is woefully small and I'm a big fan of adding more.

Some of these metrics will always be private, but I'm interested in hearing ideas of things to track, both public and privately interesting things.

Some of the private ones, I will implement and I won't mention. But perhaps the public ones do need to be a weekly/monthly list. This is something I have been thinking of for a while since I implemented a players "Activity" metric a couple years ago for the Christmas tree.

So, please do go ahead and suggest ideas of _anything_ to track.

Obviously, thanks to dst for reminding me of what I wanted to do (perhaps unknowingly) and her post is definitely something that spurred this post.

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Additionally to fangs ideas:


heat put into items (total)

Resources collected/traded/Used/Processed/Combined

Resources Wasted (as in stack usage how many have been wasted through overflow)

different tools used (total and listed)

time spent idle/active (maybe a ratio)

messages sent/ received

creatures sacrificed

ally member/leader/total count of allies

citicenship (total and listed)

consumables consumed

credits spent

Ap boots used

Adepts (highest)

hunter/hunted (person you won/ lost the most against)

moodpanel entries (total)

Role tags earned

full equipment sets obtained

weather changed

victim of spells/magic (how often magic got used on a player)


more might follow (this is what i can come up with for now)


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20 minutes ago, Ledah said:

The higher up on a list the listee is listed in relative to the number of lists a listee is listed in the higher the score on the listee list of lists. 

So number 1 on 1 list may not be as highly ranked as number 10 on 10 lists. I am terrible at formulas.

isnt that basically an average over all lists?

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I received some feedback when I wrote that post (I didn't approve it because...well...because of a stupid reason regarding multiple laptops and passwords - I hope I'll remember tomorrow at work to approve it) but here it is (thanks to the comms being sent to my e-mail address - smart wordspress!):


Dst, snap out of it, MD is dead! :( atm all players would get a place in the list

It "hurt" more than I could imagine because like it or not he's saying the truth. And I still cannot accept it. It was rude and uncalled for as in the end, my blog is my personal dreaming/ranting/brainstorming place and they can simply stay away from it. But meh...it's nicer to try and shatter someone else's dreams :D.

Now,  back on topic: I still lists are great as they give people something that MD lacks: goals. Yes, it's fun to play in a sandbox but human nature is a bit different. You HAVE to push or to incentivize people as even the ones that almost never get bored, will manage to not find anything to do and leave. And today we need new people. New people that play games are the new generation that grew up with a different view on games and MD is hard for them as most look for instant gratification (not their fault). I joined MD in an era where MMOs were few and quite limited so MD was something "wow". It changed a lot in the past (ha! never thought I'd say that) 10 years but it's not keeping the pace with the real world. MD, as it is today, is not for everyone. And since it's not visible in the ocean of MMOs, it's hard to find people that would stay. So we need the a mass from which to get a few stable players. To get that we need what Mur said he never wanted to implement: addictive things. We can get rid of those later, you know? Or we can have MD composed of 2 MDs: the "marketable" MD (this might be the one that would sustain both financially and in terms of player base the second one) and the real one. 

And it seems I forgot how to stay on track and write normal forum posts and start writing blog posts :D  so I'll stop here.

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