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MP4 compass bug

Fang Archbane

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I do believe the same popup occurs. As in the honor popup overrides anything else they can do the moment they click the compass, stops them from reaching the actual compass popup and disallows them to change their adepts/check heat/choose a worshipper. I don't have the issue myself but that's what I assume from what I've heard.

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It seems this problem is affecting all fresh Mind Power 4 players.

I might be incorrect in this assumption but, its either that, or its affecting all MP4 in general post meeting the requirements for that box to trigger, and only becoming truly noticeable at MP4 when trying to worship me.

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It seems to be doing that for any cap one reaches

At first I reached 100 loses and it congratulated me on that over and over until I reached 100 wins, and now it congratulates me in reaching 100 wins.

Edit: Forgot to say but it's kind of obvious that I'm MP3 now, but it is the same problem like MP4s have

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Forgot to mention MP level
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It is indeed still happening sadly. Quite annoying cause I can't see anything on my compass anymore... :T

I'm mp3 going to mp4 in the near-ish future 

Succeed Chewett at fixing the death bringing issue

Be a hero!

Screenshot 2018-03-21 at 7.35.08 AM.png

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Just like the one above, I forgot to say which MP I was...
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