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Alliances, Guilds, Etc


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As far as alliances and guilds go, I'm about 90% sure the only "important" change "recently" (using that word loosely) would be when Eon traded in all his Mad Emperor points towards getting a Mansion renamed for his own use in the East, and then gave all his backing (at that point, just his word was left) to Sunfire for Eastern Emperor.

DST also seems to think shes doing some harm to the CotE by killing Aia to disband it, but in reality shes just wasting her time.

Aside from that, nothing overly important has happened when it comes to Guilds/Alliances.

On other notes, Syrian became PermaMP6 during "testing", Sunfire earned (and I mean earned) MP7, as did Azull and Miq, oh and Miq became GGs new King.

Azull earned the right to work with A25 as did a few others if memory serves and has been doing a damn good job on that front.

Am I forgetting anything? Anyone? ( O.o)

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As to alliances, their structure and importance in MD is being reworked on the backend. Its no secret I and many others in MD have agreed that the current setup, especially the loyalty requirements of the leader, is not very "MD".

The initial idea of loyalty determining the leader was always thought to be good. However since loyalty was gained in a number of ways that are not representing actual "Loyalty" to the land, it became pretty moot.

Many of those who  read this will have been asked about their thoughts on alliances over the past month, by a number of people. I have asked a couple of people to talk to people and gets ideas for a better "alliance" structure. Its something that has been on the back burner for years because its never really sat well with it. Once I can summarise the opinions I will be posting it publicly and then people can give their final opinions before I finalise an idea and start planning the changes codewise.

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