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Fate of the Cube - Permanent Quest

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This quest had originally been written some years hence, but Aelis hath recently solved it, and did advise me that he enjoyed it immensely.

In time past, Tarquinus did grant his Spell-Document to those that solved this quest, those who solve this puzzle shall be granted mine own Spell-Document, and elegant solutions shall be additionally granted a Wish-Point, or Drachorn Charm (courtesy of Burns).

It seems that the demon of the realm, Mur, hath declared the Realm of MagicDuel to be, as it were, a cube. I imagine, then, that had such a realm originated in different orientation, that Night may be a more common occurrence. Likewise, the cube in which all may come to this realm may resemble, or echo thus, this formation.

I wonder then, if I were to model such an orientation, would a different orientation, and thus, outcome, be possible?

If I were to mark one surface of a cube with an arrow, pointing to the north, with the marked surface facing skyward, such that it were opposite to the surface that doth contact the flat surface, and place such cube on the flat surface, such that it does not, and cannot slide, but roll, and flip over its edges when gently pushed in any of four directions, would it be possible to return the cube, in any number of the aforementioned moves, to the original space that it had occupied, with the difference that this cube must be oriented with the marked surface facing upwards, and the arrow pointing to the East; toward the Tribunal Lands, and Dominion of Mur?

While the answer may be yea or nay, such a solution must come with impeccable logic, and reason, rather than endless tirade. If the answer were yea, a solution, or sequence of moves, shall satisfy, while if the answer were nay, provide impeccable reasoning, or proof, wherefore it were so. I accept proofs or solutions only via private message, either upon the Forum, or within the realm.

A transcription of the Common-Tongue, for the purposes of readability:

"Imagine a cube, marked with an north-pointing arrow on the upper surface, on an infinitely large flat surface. You can roll the cube over any of its edges as many times as you like, but you can't slide it and you can't turn it in place. Is it possible to return the cube to its starting location, except that the arrow is on the upper surface and pointing to the east instead? Either provide a sequence of moves which allows this, or prove why it is not possible."

Edited by Aia del Mana
transcribed into the common-tongue for clarity, rewards updated
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@Imperius hath offered of an elegant solution to this puzzle, and so I await his choice of prize.


@Muratus del Mur I wonder if I may have a spell document to grant, lest I do exhaust of prizes.

Edited by Aia del Mana
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Thank you for this quest Aia, it was very challenging and rather difficult to find a solution for, I'm not a 'quester' myself, but upon reading this one it had inhabited me for a couple of days that I felt like I just had to give it a go, or else the universe will implode.

It was very well done and absolutely deserves a sponsorship and/or a reward far more valuable than what is currently on the table. I enjoyed every second of frustration it gave me. ????

Edited by Imperius
"Spinsorhip" to "Sponsorship"
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Many thanks, Imperius; I am quite glad that it did grant thee of some frustration, and following't, some satisfaction.

Imperius hath received of the remaining Anniversary Barren Soul, and so I now seek further sponsorship, as it were mine intent that this should remain a permanent quest.

Yet, until a gracious benefactor should offer of service, I continue to offer the remaining rewards:

A choice of Pimped Grasan, Root Warrior, Sharptear or Imperial Aramor; or a number of credits commensurate with the elegance of the solution; in example, that of Imperius had been deserving of fifteen credits.

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Thy sponsorship were received also, with thanks, Mur.

All those who successfully complete this quest shall be granted mine spell-document (Aelis, and Imperius - do find me within the realm for this reward which were due thee).

Exceptionally elegant solutions will be granted a choice of wish-point, or drachorn.


May I request the title of this to be changed to include that it were a permanent, spell-document quest?

Edited by Aia del Mana
updated rewards and requested title change
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  • 11 months later...

This is to confirm that Tissy @yokin hath submitted of a mathematically elegant solution to this puzzle, and has also been granted a spell-document and a wish-point.

Given the multitude of solutions granted to me by @fallen god I have retroactively granted him a wish-point also.

Edited by Aia del Mana
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  • 11 months later...

This is to confirm that @Nepgear has provided a correct solution to this puzzle, and shall receive mine spell-document in reward.

I have decided also to grant a coloured Unholy Priest, as although the solution were not the most elegant, the illustrations used did pique of mine curiosity.

Edited by Aia del Mana
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