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What should Chewett spend his time on this weekend?

What should the Chew Do?  

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He wants your ideas, nay he craves them.

Your King and Grand Duke (not to mention good guy) @Chewett asks for your assistance.

Whether it be interface patches, putting the discord button on the top bar, fixing FF issues, or something else, say it here!


He told me to do this #ChewettMadeMeDoIt

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My Other vote is Make MD FF-compatible (I personally have no issues, but others complain incessantly) and/or make a magicduel.com/mobile page that allows you to fight and move (hopefully less intensive-particularly by making static erolin orbs an option)


Also my vote includes adding the discord button... but Apparently I have to work to get him to do that :P

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I believe static erolin-orbs are already an option, but they remain such that their persistent animation, even when stationary, doth drain of one's portal rather rapidly.

I believe the solution for a mobile interface, at least initially, must be twofold - first, to remove the orbs completely, and second, to remove the animation of the compass-menu.

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As all awkwardly normal people, Chew should hang out with his friends, drink, listen Sabaton, Bruce Dickinson and Nightwish, then drink some more.
Of course, he can make that discord thingy i just cant make on my own:D
Hey! How it would be cool if we could actually drink together guys!:DD

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1 hour ago, Ledah said:

Once he has been suitably restrained into his coding chair, I suggest adding icons for and releasing any creatures in the pipeline ;)

I imagine as more of a throne, even before he got elected


And by elected I obviously mean took power :)

. Except it swivels and is actually comfortable.


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If there were to be a hypothetical new creature, I would think its release must play second fiddle to interface-related issues; one could not admire such a creature should her portal cease to function.

Still, I would welcome any hypothetical release of hypothetical new creatures, if aught were to exist which were ready.

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  • Root Admin
26 minutes ago, Ledah said:

Works fine on FF 78.0.2 with uBlock addon disabled, assuming this is about the excessive scrollbars? Danke :)

Viewing results needs a bit more work but its a lot better :) 

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1 hour ago, Chewett said:

Has anyone fought and tested the changes?

Chrome seems fine, though chrome typically only produced 2 scroll bars.

I'll try later on mobile safari where I got 3 scrolls to the side every time.

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  • Root Admin
25 minutes ago, Steno said:

I shiver with anticipation to know what you actually determined to do Chew?

Rome Total War, Shredding financial documents, sleeping, running.

26 minutes ago, Steno said:

Was the community's guidance helpful?

Mostly, I also did work reworking some of the "popup" boxes locally but that hasnt been deployed yet.

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